• Webinar recorded on Tue 31st January, 2017
  • 1 hours 10 mins
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Stuart’s webinar presentation will cover:

  • How to look at sperm
  • The origin and classification of abnormal sperm
  • The limitations of sperm inspection using light microscopy
  • The contribution of morphology in the Breeding Soundness Examination

Stuart Revell took his first job with bulls and AI in 1974 and, apart from 6 years in Fiji, has spent the rest of his veterinary career working in this field with MAFF/DEFRA and MMB/Genus, with occasional teaching at the University of Liverpool. As Senior Veterinary Surgeon (Research) at Genus/ABS, much of his time was taken with research into sperm physiology and processing methods, so he has spent long hours peering at sperm down microscopes, trying to make sense of what he saw. Stuart has an absolute wealth of knowledge on bull sperm morphology; we are delighted that he has agreed to share some of his experience and insights to interested BCVA members through this webinar.

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