Peter May

  • Webinar recorded on Tue 11th April, 2017
  • 1 hours 06 mins

Bovine Reproductive Ultrasound sharing experience by Peter May.

The lecture covers the stages of the reproductive cycle, aging the bovine foetus, foetal death, twinning, sex scanning and some recent observations.

Peter qualified from Glasgow University in 1983 and started working for the Drove Vets. Two years later he got married and became a partner in the practice. He was the first to treat repeat breeder cows with embryos in 1993 and offer bovine foetal sex determination to clients in the UK. Peter achieved a Diploma Bovine Reproduction in 2004, which enabled him to undertake more consultancy work in the UK and abroad.

He now works independently but retains a close working relationship with Drove Vets and is a partner in ACTIVF ET. Work today comprises routine fertility locally; ET and IVF further afield plus ET/IVF/scanning training both in the UK and abroad. He says he feels lucky to enjoy what he does… still working on the work life balance!

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