• Webinar recorded on Wed 25th May, 2016
  • 1 hours 11 mins
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Biosecurity is a sociological problem. This webinar will explore how cattle vets can assist changes in attitudes towards biosecurity and work together most effectively for TB control.

Gareth Enticott is a senior lecturer in the School of Planning and Geography. His research focuses on biosecurity, practices of environmental regulation and governance, and scientific controversies in animal health. His main focus is on the ongoing controversy surrounding bovine Tuberculosis in the UK, as well as the management of the disease in New Zealand. His work has helped inform policy on bovine Tuberculosis in England and Wales.

James Russell is a farm animal vet. He has a particular interest in bovine TB, a condition he would like to see controlled at some point before he retires. He is also a regional BVA councillor, and has been engaged with national TB control policy including fostering a greater understanding of biosecurity.

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