Mike Willard

  • Webinar recorded on Thu 3rd August, 2017
  • 1 hours 1 mins

This is a case-based discussion of maladies affecting the gall bladder in dogs and cats. The more common causes of gall bladder disease will be discussed in relation to the best way to diagnose them, the most appropriate means of therapy, and the most common mistakes made by clinicians. Infectious cholecystitis, necrotizing cholecystitis, mucocoeles, extra-hepatic biliary tract obstruction, and gall stones in particular will be considered in detail.

The five learning objectives are:

  1. Know the clinical signs, diagnosis and treatment of non-necrotizing infectious cholecystitis
  2. Know the causes, clinical signs, diagnosis and treatment of necrotizing cholecystitis
  3. Know how to diagnose extrahepatic biliary tract obstruction and what the main causes are
  4. Know the causes, how to diagnose, and how to treat biliary mucocoeles
  5. Know how to diagnose and what to do when you diagnose choleliths
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