Professor Michael R.Lappin

  • Webinar recorded on Thu 1st September, 2016
  • 1 hours 21 mins

While the role of probiotics on intestinal microflora health and balance iswell known and documented, it is not obvious to think of using them indermatology practice. ProfessorMike Lappin who has a strong research interest in probiotics, and, having seenthe published benefits of probiotics in human dermatology (acne, atopy, eczema,wound healing, aging and so on), has investigated their benefits in canine andfeline dermatology. In this webinar he will present the evidence of the widerbenefits of probiotics for canine and feline skin disease, including in catswith stress- associated clinical signs of Feline Herpes Virus 1 infections and in young dogs suffering from juvenile generalised demodicosis.  Dr. Lappin graduatedfrom Oklahoma State University and then completed an internship, internalmedicine residency, and PhD program in Parasitology at the University ofGeorgia. His principal areas of interestare prevention of infectious diseases, the upper respiratory disease complex,infectious causes of fever, infectious causes of diarrhea, and zoonoses. Dr. Lappin is the Kenneth W. Smith Professorin Small Animal Clinical Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University andhe helps direct the shelter medicine program.  Dr. Lappin is the director of the “Center forCompanion Animal Studies”.   Recent awardsinclude the Norden Distinguished Teaching Award, the European Society of FelineMedicine International Award for Outstanding Contribution to Feline Medicine, theWinn Feline Research Award, the ACVIM Robert W. Kirk Award for ProfessionalExcellence, and the WSAVA Scientific Achievement Award.

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