Marc Kraus

  • Webinar starts at 8:30 pm on Thu 17th August, 2017
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Learning Objectives:

  • Know the sequence of electrical events that create the various ECG complexes.
  • Develop a standard approach to ECG interpretation of complex arrhythmias.
  • Know and be able to identify the ECG characteristics of the most clinically important arrhythmias.
  • Know and be able identify ECG criteria for various patterns of cardiac chamber enlargement.

Marc Kraus earned his veterinary degree at the University of Georgia.  He then went on to complete a medicine residency at the University of Georgia followed by a cardiology residency at Cornell University. He was a Senior Lecturer at Cornell University and at the University of Liverpool.  Currently, he is the Director of the Penn affiliate program and Professor of Clinical of Cardiology at the University of Pennsylvania. He has extensive experience in treatment and management of congestive heart failure, interventional cardiology, and cardiac biomarkers. He is the author of more than 100 scientific articles, abstracts, book chapters and a book on ECG interpretation.



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