Christine Magrath and Geoff Little

  • Webinar recorded on Thu 21st September, 2017
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Are Your Clients Onboard? by Christine Magrath &  Geoff Little.

‘In this webinar, Christine and Geoff from the VDS Training Team will not only look at the key communication tools that you can use with every consultation to ensure optimum levels of compliance, but will also look at those particular skills which can be used to diffuse difficult situations, resulting in better outcomes for all.  Skills to ensure you have heard what the client wants; skills to convert those wants into needs; skills to ensure you get the message across regarding the proposed way forward.  Join us for an informative session that will provide you with practical tools you can take away and use’.

Five learning objectives are:

The webinar will provide the following to all members of the practice team:

  • An opportunity  to look at the core consultation skills and how they impact on producing an effective and profitable consultation
  • The tools you need to consider when dealing with difficult situations such as angry clients and supporting clients who have just received ‘bad news’
  • An insight into how to deal with complaints effectively
  • Why it is important to address the client’s ideas, concerns and expectations
  • The reasons why it is important to explore and listen to ensure we provide solutions to the relevant issues.
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