Marie Kubiak

  • Webinar recorded on Thu 26th January, 2017
  • 0 hours 51 mins

A lack of appetite is a frustratingly common and non-specific presenting sign in pet rabbits that can drive clinicians to despair! Although the main clinical sign is identical across a spectrum of causes, valuable clues can be picked up on history taking and clinical examination to help make a diagnosis and create a treatment plan. Common management and disease factors will be discussed, alongside management of primary cause of anorexia and the resulting secondary intestinal hypomotility.

Marie Kubiak graduated from Bristol University following placements within zoos and exotic animal practice. She spent two years as a first opinion exotics vet in Kent, before undertaking a 3 year European College of Zoological Medicine residency. She has completed the RCVS certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice (Zoo Medicine), and the RCVS Diploma in Zoological Medicine. She is an RCVS Recognised Specialist in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine and is currently based in the Midlands working as a freelance consultant in zoo and exotic animal medicine and surgery.

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