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  • Webinar recorded on Thu 13th July, 2017
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Antibacterials in Exotics…Is there a choice? by John Chitty. Drug use in exotics is fraught with difficulties- too many species, too few drugs, too little information. Dose rates are frequently empirical and often extrapolated between different species. Other species (especially rodents and rabbits) may have an inability to tolerate many of our “normal” drugs.

In addition, we have to consider anti-microbial resistance (AMR) issues that can seem a major contradiction in birds (where intra-venous use of antibiotics is common as acute sepsis is not rare) and reptiles where the majority of pathogens are Gram negative rods.

Therefore, the advent of some licensed drugs can seem a relief from this though, again, AMR issues may complicate this choice too.

So what is the way forward?

As with other species we need to consider when we use these drugs and which we use- accurate diagnostics are needed to establish whether infection is present and culture should be used to determine use of the more sensitive drugs. Where we use anti-microbials we should seek to use these in a rational way and in a way that encourages owner compliance.

This talk will cover diagnosis of bacterial infections, rational sampling, and use of anti-microbials in exotic species.

Five learning objectives:

  1. Understand how to use Cascade in exotics.
  2. Recognise and diagnose bacterial infections
  3. Recognise non-bacterial disease
  4. Understand the role of underlying factors
  5. Understand selection of appropriate antibiotics and their correct dosing and usage


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