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Developing a Practice Vaccination Schedule in Accordance with WSAVA Guidelines

The aim of this webinar is to discuss how the latest global guidelines for the vaccination of dogs and cats might be applied in UK veterinary practice.  The presentation will review core and non-core

Thu 12th October, 2017

Michael J. Day

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Problems Associated with Pregnancy and Parturition

Problems Associated with Pregnancy and Parturition by Paul wood. This talk will cover many of the common problems associated with pregnancy and parturition in cattle. It will follow a chronological or

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Wed 3rd May, 2017 0:50 mins

Paul Wood

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Achieving High Fertility in High Yielders

Achieving High Fertility in High Yielders by Stuart Russell. Webinar Summary The reproductive challenges of the high-yielding dairy cow A brief description of 21-d Pregnancy Rate and one significant

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Wed 1st February, 2017 1:03 mins

Stuart Russell

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Whether to Drop the Drips: Optimising Fluid Therapy in Companion Animals

Whether to Drop the Drips: Optimising Fluid Therapy in Companion Animals by Rebecca Robinson. Fluid therapy can sometimes be a daunting topic, all too often resulting in a blanket “one rate fits al

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Thu 16th February, 2017 1:04 mins

Rebecca Robinson

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Folliculitis: Staph, Ringworm, Demodex

Folliculitis: Staph, Ringworm, Demodex  by Stephen White. The three most common reasons for a folliculitis in small animals are dermatophytes, demodicosis, and staphylococcal infection. The seminar w

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Thu 20th April, 2017 1:6 mins

Stephen White

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The Approach to the Anorexic Rabbit

A lack of appetite is a frustratingly common and non-specific presenting sign in pet rabbits that can drive clinicians to despair! Although the main clinical sign is identical across a spectrum of cau

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Thu 26th January, 2017 0:51 mins

Marie Kubiak

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Current understanding of incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle

Key learning points To understand the different clinical presentations of HCF that can be encountered in practice To appreciate how to evaluate cases and diagnose the condition To understand the chall

Thu 3rd November, 2016 1:02 mins

.Toby Gemmill

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A Practical Approach to Rabbit Dental Disease

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Wed 26th October, 2016 0:53 mins

John Chitty

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The benefits of probiotics, such as Enterococcus faecium SF68, in the management of canine and feline dermatology cases

While the role of probiotics on intestinal microflora health and balance iswell known and documented, it is not obvious to think of using them indermatology practice. ProfessorMike Lappin who has a st

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Thu 1st September, 2016 1:21 mins

Professor Michael R.Lappin

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Cancers of the head and neck

Cancers of the head and neck by David Argyle. Head and neck cancers in dogs and cats represent a diverse group of tumour types that can affect a diverse range of structures.  Complicating this, is

Thu 6th October, 2016 0:59 mins

David Argyle

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