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How Can Young Vets Influence Other Colleagues and Their Employer With Regards to Ethics

This presentation will explore the potential challenges recent veterinary graduates find in managing ethical dilemmas in practice. Veterinary Schools in UK now have formal teaching of animal welfare s

Fri 20th January, 2017 0:48 mins

David Main

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Clinical Ethical Dilemmas

This webinar will look at specific cases presenting clinical ethical dilemmas and what to do. What should we do when people can’t or won’t pay for veterinary treatment? How should veterinary pract

Fri 20th January, 2017 0:52 mins

Siobhan Mullan

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An Introduction to Ethical Decision Making for Veterinarians

A recent UK study found a large variation in the moral reasoning abilities of qualified veterinarians, and that moral reasoning did not improve with experience. This webinar will explore what we mean

Fri 20th January, 2017 0:54 mins

Anne Fawcett

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Recent Advances in Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis

Fri 20th January, 2017 0:29 mins

Anthony Chadwick

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Consequences for Immunotherapy

Fri 20th January, 2017 0:20 mins

Kristian Pederson

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Diet Trials and Allergy Testing

Fri 20th January, 2017 0:37 mins

Hilary Jackson

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How To Approach The Pruritic Patient

Fri 20th January, 2017 1:02 mins

Peter Forsythe

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