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Tricks in Stabilising the Unstable Diabetic Dog

Tricks in Stabilizing the Unstable Diabetic Dog by Lucy Davison. This webinar will discuss twelve ‘top tips’ for stabilisation and management of diabetes in the diabetic dog. Areas covered will in

Fri 18th August, 2017 0:43 mins

Lucy Davison

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The Basics: All you need to know about interpreting ECGs

Learning Objectives:  Why perform an ECG? Best way to interpret ECGs Calculate heart rate Chamber enlargements Identify ventricular arrhythmias, supraventricular arrhythmias and conduction disturbanc

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Thu 17th August, 2017 1:2 mins

Marc Kraus

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The Approach to Common Surgical Procedures in the Rabbit

Rabbits can be challenging from a surgical and anaesthetic standpoint, but familiarity with the quirks of this species, optimising anaesthetic approach and gaining confidence with surgical techniques

Thu 10th August, 2017 0:53 mins

Marie Kubiak

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Approach to Lameness Investigations

Approach to Lameness Investigations by Carolin Gerdes. The investigation of lameness is one of the most common procedures performed in equine practice. The aim of this webinar is to review the proces

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Wed 9th August, 2017 0:59 mins

Carolin Gerdes

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August Sunday Meditation

August Sunday Meditation by Megan Halewood & Dr Mike Scanlan.

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Sun 6th August, 2017 0:29 mins

Megan Halewood and Mike Scanlan

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Biliary Tract Abnormalities in Dogs and Cats: Not as Rare as Most Clinicians Think… Continued

This is a case-based discussion of maladies affecting the gall bladder in dogs and cats. The more common causes of gall bladder disease will be discussed in relation to the best way to diagnose them,

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Thu 3rd August, 2017 1:1 mins

Mike Willard

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Lameness in sheep: surely it’s just blue spray?

Lameness in sheep is regarded by many as one of the most significant welfare concerns of sheep.  Currently lameness  in the UK is estimated to affect approximately 5% of the UK sheep population, b

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Wed 2nd August, 2017

Joe Angell

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Investigation and Management of Chronic Diarrhoea in Dogs

This webinar will provide a practical approach for the investigation of chronic diarrhoea in dogs and discuss the management tools available. Dietary management, various supportive medications and imm

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Thu 27th July, 2017 1:3 mins

Anna Threlfall

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Reproductive Management Strategies for High-Producing Dairy Herds

Ceva Animal Health are proud to sponsor this webinar by Paul Fricke from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Fricke is a popular speaker for dairy producer, industry, and veterinary audiences in the

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Thu 27th July, 2017 1:9 mins

Dr Paul Fricke

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The Diagnosis of Acute and Chronic Cases of Leptospirosis

The Diagnosis of Acute and Chronic Cases of Leptospirosis by Katie McCallum.

Fri 21st July, 2017 0:35 mins

Katie McCallum

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