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The Big Tick Project – The Results Are In

Hosted by Professor Richard Wall. 5 learning objectives: Remind practitioners of the altered behaviour of ticks and the risk to pets and humans Remind practitioners of the risks for travelling dogs an

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Tue 23rd May, 2017 1:5 mins

Richard Wall

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Promoting Behavioural Medicine in General Practice – The Role of the Veterinary Nurse

Promoting behavioural medicine in general practice – the role of the veterinary nurse by Sarah Heath. Behavioural problems are a common reason for pet owners to approach their veterinary practice

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Tue 23rd May, 2017 1:10 mins

Sarah Heath

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Sunday Meditation

Dr Mike Scanlan and Megan Halewood will be discussing the latest Mindfulness topics and guiding you through 2 meditations.

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Sun 21st May, 2017 0:41 mins

Mike Scanlan and Megan Halewood

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Running the practice dispensary

Learning objectives: How to look after medicines – Correct storage& labelling How to stay legal – Prescribing, supplying & dispensing How to store & record Controlled Drugs How

Thu 18th May, 2017

Pam Mosedale

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Critical Care Nutrition

Critically ill patients have unique nutritional requirements. Participants will learn how to properly assess a patient’s nutritional status and develop an appropriate nutritional treatment plan to h

Wed 17th May, 2017 0:48 mins

Chris Byers

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Management of Acute Pancreatitis

Acute pancreatitis is a potentially life-threatening condition with the clinical presentation ranging from mild dehydration due to vomiting and inappetence through to severe systemic complications, in

Thu 11th May, 2017 1:12 mins

Alison Ridyard

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Journal Club – May

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Thu 11th May, 2017 0:30 mins

Rebecca Sneddon

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The art of delegation – Schedule 3 consultation

The College has just launched a consultation on Schedule 3, asking both veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses for their views on the future of veterinary nurses’ role in the practice. In this we

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Thu 11th May, 2017 0:47 mins

David Catlow and Liz Cox

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Advances in Sinus Surgery

Advances in Sinus Surgery by Tim Barnett. Sinus surgery, as with many other field of equine surgery, has evolved over the past few years with a greater emphasis on minimally invasive techniques. Sinos

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Wed 10th May, 2017 1:0 mins

Dr Tim Barnett

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C-Sections – The good, the bad, the puppies!

C-Sections – The good, the bad, the puppies! by Aylin Atilla.

Thu 4th May, 2017 1:7 mins

Aylin Atilla

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