Veterinary Education…Time to Plan and Reflect

The team at The Webinar Vet are dedicated to delivering high quality veterinary education and therefore I (Stacey, Programme Manager) attended the VetEd Conference held at Glasgow Vet School. Professor Ewan Cameron, the Head of the School of Veterinary Medicine, opened the VetEd 2016 Symposium which was attended by 140 delegates from 16 different countries with a jam-packed programme consisting of three plenary lectures, 16 workshops and 82 posters! The first plenary lecture was a truly inspirational presentation from Dr Gregory Wolfus, who is the Director of the Tech Community Veterinary Clinic at Tufts University. Greg shared the story of how problem-solving and teamwork can provide a fantastic service for the local community and an invaluable learning environment. The first plenary lecture was followed by one of the poster sessions. The authors of the posters were provided the opportunity to present a three minute summary of their poster followed by two minutes for questions. This was the first time I had experienced this approach and I loved it!

The second plenary lecture was provided by Eleanor Ferguson, who is the Head of Professional Conduct at the RCVS, on understanding fitness to practice, and focused on recently introduced student fitness to practice and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). I attended the, ‘reflection in practice,’ workshop led by Dr Sheena Warman, where we discussed how we reflect and whether it is an individual or social activity. The second workshop I signed up for was on the use of a flipped classroom technique which involves participants completing activities prior to attending a taught component of the course, instead of the more traditional model of providing material to complete afterwards. Susan Matthew shared her expectations and the realities in terms of planning and using this approach for teaching communication skills.

Professor Fiona Patterson provided the final plenary lecture where methods for selecting for non-academic attributes in potential vet students were discussed and evaluated which sparked a lot of debate in the lecture theatre! The Dean for Learning and Teaching for the College of Medical Veterinary and Life Sciences at the University of Glasgow, Professor Jill Morrison, provided her closing remarks for the symposium which focused on diversity and inclusion. Attendees were also informed that next year VetEd will be held in Liverpool so I‘ll be able to roll out of bed when attending the conference next year!

On the subject of veterinary education, we had a webinar on Monday provided by Professor Stephen May and Kathy Kissick on, “The Proposed New CPD Model.” During the webinar reflective learning was discussed as an effective way to increase knowledge and patient health outcomes. The proposed model comprises of four steps: plan, do, record and reflect. The planning stage involves identifying which areas of your work could benefit from more CPD before undertaking CPD in those areas. Recording CPD activities in terms of course material, notes and certificates can be used for future planning, during employee appraisals and evidence for the RCVS requirements. Reflection was considered vital in terms of converting the knowledge you have acquired into a behaviour change to benefit your work. Reflective practice is something that is active at universities and colleges as demonstrated at VetEd, so recent graduates may find this easier however, Stephen and Kathy have provided some questions to help guide the reflection process. The new proposal also includes the addition of three CPD categories; clinical, professional and, leadership and management. Further information on these categories can be found on the webinar. To watch the recording of this webinar please use the following link:

If you would like to have your say on the proposed CPD model, please use the following link:


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