VC Bites – Your Feedback


‘I moved to Malawi in January 2017 to run a veterinary clinic in Blantyre and also to manage a rabies vaccination program for Mission Rabies. I have been working abroad for years, helping animal welfare charities all over the world and it’s easy to feel alone and disconnected from colleagues when you end up working by yourself most of the time. I really enjoyed being able to join the virtual congress as I felt as part of a global community of vets and it was great to follow interesting presentations in front of my laptop in Malawi! While listening to a neurology lecture the question was asked from where people are listening to and I typed ‘Blantyre, Malawi’. Straight away an Indian colleague I used to work with several times on projects sent me a message asking if I was the person listening from Malawi and told me that he was also online, as was a a Dutch friend, working with wildlife in Zambia back then.

It seemed like the congress connected me with so many of my colleagues all over the world!  It was a brilliant way of keeping up to date with latest developments in veterinary medicine for people like me to choose not to life a ‘normal life’, in which it would be much easier to attend regular CPD meetings and conferences.


I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to the next virtual congress!’

Dagmar Mayer,

Worldwide Veterinary Service