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Last month, we provided a webinar presented by two speakers from the RSPCA, Caroline Allen and David Yates on “Prepubertal Neutering: How to Introduce it in Practice to Benefit Cat Welfare and Your Business”. Commonly I provide a snippet from the start of The Stethoscope’s blog, however, this week I’ve decided to include the final paragraph of the blog because Martha Cannon also attended the webinar and provided her thoughts on this topic:

This was a thought provoking webinar which will undoubtedly inspire many of us to step out of our comfort zone and consider introducing prepubertal neutering into practice. In fact, the final push came when renowned and highly respected owner of the Oxford Cat Clinic, Martha Cannon, entered into the discussion and strongly advocated prepubertal neutering, and as far as I’m concerned if Martha says we should be doing it, it has to be an approach we all take into serious consideration.

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There isn’t a webinar this Thursday so it’s a perfect opportunity to catch up on any webinars you may have missed. Some of my favourite webinars from 2017 so far include:

I learnt a lot from Bev Panto’s webinar presented on frequently encountered conditions in wild British mammals.

I find fluid therapy a tad daunting at times so Becky Robinson’s guide was very useful for me!

Sarah Mason presented data on median survival times for lymphoma in her recent coffee morning which I found a useful update because I find that this is a frequently asked question by owners in practice when deliberating over treatment options.

Alternatively, if you would like to read about the sessions I attended at the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) in Orlando, please feel free!

You will find lots of top tips (including one which is just for the ladies in part four!), ‘Cytology Superstars’ (part one), stuff surgery junkies will want to read (part two), behaviour buffet (part three) and my girl crush (part four). If you have any questions regarding the presentations I attended, please let me know and I’ll do my best to help.

Diamond Members will be aware of The Webinar Vet Facebook private group to discuss webinars and CPD. We have decided to open this group to our Lite and Platinum Members too so watch out for my invitation in the next week or so if you’d like to be involved.

Happy webinar watching and blog reading!



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