This week at the webinar vet and the saga of the wisdom tooth

You may remember I was talking about my wisdom tooth in the summer, the lower right to be exact. An impacted, partially erupted tooth that my dentist and I were arguing about whether to remove or not. He cut my gum back which lead to two weeks of quite a lot of pain and at the end he decided to remove the tooth which we decided to have done at the local dental hospital. Three months later, I had still not even received a letter from the NHS. I decided to use my private insurance. I saw the consultant last week and booked in for Thursday for the extraction.


He elevated and then tried to yank the tooth with his forceps and I heard a crack. He’d managed to fracture the tooth. The medics attitude is to leave the root unless it causes a problem. Let’s hope that the wisdom tooth saga is finished!


I know this differs from Lisa Milella’s thoughts which she shared on our dental expertise series last year. This week only Lisa’s series is available from The Webinar Vet  for £77 plus VAT by using the code anthonyswisdom.


The series covers the following topics

  • Session 1: Introduction to veterinary dentistry Getting to grips with periodontal disease Decision making
  • Session 2 : Principles of oral surgery Complicated extractions and dealing with extraction complications
  • Session 3 : Oronasal fistula repair Dentigerous cysts Oral masses and basics of resection procedures
  • Session 4 : Juvenile dentistry
  • Session 5 : Update on feline dentistry Feline periodontal conditions Feline tooth resorption Feline chronic gingivostomatitis
  • Session 6 : Endodontic treatment Orthodontic treatment

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Anyway, there is still a lot going on at The Webinar Vet as we approach Christmas.


On Thursday we did have Alastair Gibson to talk about interventional cardiology. Alastair is a good friend from my time on BSAVA committees who I saw at FECAVA in Dublin. We chatted about him doing a webinar on his referral interest and so he was keen to talk about some of the real advances in this area over the last few years.


Unfortunately Alastair is not available to present this week now, we have rebooked him for next year instead. 


Hannah Stephenson has agreed to step in last minute to ensure you still get a cardiology webinar, so many thanks to Hannah.  We will be starting earlier than usual ay 8pm.


To purchase access to this weeks member webinar please click the link below


Of course, platinum members get access to our Thursday night webinars for free.


We are still getting delegates for the second international webinar vet virtual congress. We will also be holding a virtual exhibition in January and February. There has already been a lot of interest from the companies and the exhibition will be well worth a visit. January has been designated veterinary webinar month. It’s an ideal month to do a lot of veterinary CPD as webinars because nobody really wants to travel in this month.


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Hope you are enjoying Advent