Think you are a Canine Enteropathy ‘Know it all’?



I was overwhelmed with positive feedback on Andrew Kent’s webinar on canine chronic enteropathy. I would like to highlight one comment in particular:



“One of my favourite topics that I thought I “knew it all” but this talk will make me re-evaluate my approach to this disease.”



I am really pleased that our webinars are thought-provoking and help people to re-evaluate what they are doing in practice. Great news! Loving your feedback as always and here are some more comments from Andrew’s webinar provided by attendees from the live broadcast:



“Informative and practical lecture. Thank you”

“Thoroughly enjoyed this talk – highly clinically useful, learnt a lot and very easy to listen to! Thank you!”

“brilliant looking forward to the cat one?”



Yes! There will be a “cat one”! Andrew has confirmed this webinar for Thursday 23rd November.


This Thursday evening, Anthony and I will be at the VetEd conference in Liverpool making sure that we remain up-to-date with everything that’s going on in the world of veterinary education! Stuart will be chairing Alison Moore’s webinar on, “Improving Surgical Technique: Choosing the best suture type, suture pattern and knots in soft tissue surgery” tomorrow. I hope you can join Alison and Stuart tomorrow(06/07) at 8:30pm (BST).




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