The Webinar Vet is 2 today. Come and help us celebrate in this birthday week

Two years ago today I gave our first ever webinar. It was about pruritus in cats and dogs. Over 50 guests attended. I set The Webinar Vet up because I was passionate about teaching dermatology to my colleagues and was also sick and tired of travelling in the evenings to get my own CPD. I saw this as a new innovative way to make veterinary education easier for colleagues in practice.

I was right! It has proved popular and over the last 2 years we have not only taught dermatology but many other topics in small animal, farm, equine and practice management. The Webinar Vet is proud of its place at the forefront of online veterinary CPD.

As a special treat, that first webinar is free to view this week at

At the end of this first webinar, I set up my first dermatology mentoring program which was very well received in the couple of practices that I visited. This year I am running an online mentoring programme where the vet will watch recorded webinars as part of the dermatology syllabus as well as have monthly meetings with me. The whole value of the course is £2337 plus VAT but as a special birthday gift I will be giving 1 place on the course away free.

All you have to do is email me at why you should have that place. I will let everyone know who has won the place this time next week.

If you have enjoyed and benefitted from the service over the last 2 years would you be kind enough to leave a comment on the birthday blog at Your kind comments mean so much to us. Any thoughts for new talks are always kindly received.

During our birthday week, we have the second in our series on feline kidney disease with Sarah Caney (7 March, 8pm). If you haven’t registered you can do so for free at

On 8th March, we have Anne Lanevschi talking about Cytology: Tips to maximise sample quality and applications in telemedicine. If you use the code webinarvet it will only cost you £5 plus vat instead of £35. CLICK HERE to purchase access at the great discounted rate

Finally, next Saturday I will be drawing 1 lucky gold members name out of the hat for £100 in Love 2 shop gift vouchers( These can be used in Boots amongst other places). If you are not already a member go to and join up this week to take advantage of all the many benefits of membership( easy learning, no travel, ability to watch over again, more time with the family, listening to leading experts in their field) and join the many hundreds who have already become members as well as the possibility of winning the prize draw.

Thank you for all your support over the last 2 years. I have loved providing you with such high quality CPD in such an easy way. We really have revolutionised the way that CPD is delivered. Please keep on helping us with all your kind suggestions.

Kind regards



The Webinar Vet

13 responses to “The Webinar Vet is 2 today. Come and help us celebrate in this birthday week”

  1. Elena says:

    Congratulations!!! best wishes and thanks for opening this wonderful window to vets abroad!! yours.

  2. Susanne van Berkum says:

    Happy 2nd birthday to the Webinar Vet! I also want to thank you for the opportunity to be able to attend such useful webinars like the one on early detection of feline renal failure. So thank you very much and many happy years to come for the Webinar Vet!

  3. Rhona Kerr says:

    Happy Birthday! As a busy Mum of two small children who is working part time the Webinar Vet is an invaluable asset for me to meet my CPD requirements, and great value too! So much more reasonable, and, I find, more enjoyable than many other online CPD providers!

  4. Luciano says:

    Thanks for all your efforts! Every webinar I have attended proved high value!

  5. Susan says:

    Well done this is definitely the way forward for CPD. SO nice to be able to sit at home in my own chair and learn. Thanks

  6. Thank you for offering such great cpd at such reasonable prices so that hard working vets are able to keep up to date without having a major impact on their work and personal lives.

  7. Valeria Mantovani says:

    Hi Anthony,
    Happy birthay for your baby, The webinar. I love your idea of having CPDs at home and the fact you don’t have to travel for hours and hours. I live in Canterbury and it has always been to long a trip to attend to CPDs. You are an admirable man for your intelligence, commitment, skills and at the same time you keep yourself at a friendly level with your e-mails and comments. Not only I find your CPD useful and easy to listen to but also I feel part of a club of friends. I am still shy to talk live as I am a foreigner, but maybe one day I will.

  8. Jaimin says:

    Congratulations to The Webinar Vet team for a successful 2 years. Bringing quality CPD to us in a format that is easy to access and affordable was long coming. Having a practice subscription is great as all our team members can access the webinars at their convenience. The lunch time webinars were very well received at our practice as the nurses could watch them together and we look forward to more of the same.
    Was there really a time when there were no webinars? How did we ever cope?

  9. kprescott says:

    Thank you all so much for the lovely comments! Looking forward to continuing to provide excellent CPD for many more years to come! Thanks again, The Webinar Vet Team

  10. David Hopper says:

    A rush to finish surgery in the evening and jump in the car with no food since the sandwich gulped down about 3.00pm and drive like mad to make the meeting on a cold wet night in some distant venue. Booking a grotty room in some sterile hotel in the middle of a unfamiliar and seemingly hostile city then jostling with all of the other delegates to get to the lectures only to find the auditorium is full up and you have to sit on the floor outside watching a TV monitor. A rep, sorry territorial manager, arranges to give a lunchtime talk for the staff on a subject close to their heart with a power point presentation but you are still up to your eyes in ops and appointments when he arrives. FAMILIAR? The alternative: a glass of wine or a mug of tea and watch a webinar at your leisure at home. NO COMPETITION. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  11. Madeleine Henry says:

    Congratulations on two successful years and huge thanks to you all for providing such a great service. It’s fantastic that high quality CPD is available in an easily accessible way that we can fit in around our often hectic schedules! Happy Birthday!

  12. Louise Anderson says:

    Thank you for starting The Webinar Vet! With a young child I would have found it very difficult to keep up my CPD requirement without you. The drug company sponsored webinars in particular have made keeping in touch with practice a financially viable prospect. Thank you!

  13. The Webinar Vet Admin says:

    Great job Anthony – it’s been amazing watching TheWebinarVet grow… and I know it will continue to grow in the future,

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