The Vet Futures Project

This week on Thursday at 1pm, Sean Wensley and Bradley Viner will be discussing the Vet Futures Project. If you are interested in the future of the veterinary profession, then this will be worth you attending.


Over the weekend, we had our Virtual Congress, with over 40 hours of veterinary CPD to turbo-charge your CPD at the start of the year. It’s now in its 4th year and next year we will be pushing back to 20-21st January 2017 – a date for the diary.

The Pre-Congress day started on Friday with Ron Ofri and Pip Boydell talking about Ophthalmic Diseases and was followed by our Small Animal Vaccination Symposium with John Helps, Michael Day, Peter Scott and Paula Boyden – all of which was kindly sponsored by the BVA. John started with an introduction to vaccination from an industry perspective – it was extremely interesting to learn how vaccines are developed, approved and then regulated from someone responsible for doing this. Prof Michael Day then covered the use of vaccines – and the adverse effects including injection site sarcomas in cats. We then changed topic with Peter Scott talking about microchips and getting us up to date with the changes in law coming into force on 6th April for Compulsory Microchipping. This was perfectly followed by Paula from the Dogs Trust (our nominated charity for #VC2016 with nearly £4000 raised for them!) talking about the Pet Passport scheme. This included The Puppy Smuggling Scandal – and the “importation” of a stuffed toy past UK border officers.

The RCVS Mindfulness Symposium followed on Friday evening with Carolyne Crowe, Dr Mike Scanlan and David Bartram, helping us relax before Virtual Congress 2016 started. Many attendees suggested that this stream be made compulsory viewing for employers, with Carolyne starting us off by looking at stress in the workplace. Carolyne provided us with some simple strategies’ to start taking control, and in doing so improve our effectiveness. Dr Mike Scanlon then took over and introduced us to Mindfulness, leading a short online mindfulness exercise to help us relax and take in our surroundings. The evening ended with David who talked about how we can deal with stress within the veterinary profession. Stress is not weakness, and there are several excellent sources for support including and the excellent free VetLife support phone on 0303 040 2551.

Agria also kindly sponsored our Nursing Stream with 3 brilliant hours of free CPD for nurses, presented by Martha Cannon and Louise O’Dwyer.

Then on Saturday our two streams of webinars covered everything from Practice Management to the Diseases of Young Birds with streams kindly sponsored by Royal Canin, St Francis Group, Merial, Cats Protection League, Medi Productions and Carefree Credit.

Here are just some comments from attendees:

Good morning! I know it has been a long day for some of you already but having had a busy week I took the advice from the mindful session and had 6-8 hours’ sleep last night. So now feeling refreshed and ready to go today!

Hillary Warner


Brilliant webinars thank you so much extremely interesting and helpful!

Rachel Allen


Excellent webinar – learnt A LOT

Nigel Griffiths


If you didn’t manage to get onto the Virtual Congress then make a note in your diary for 2017.


To your CPD success!



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