The Terrific Trio!


Sounds like I’ve missed some cracking webinars whilst I’ve been away! At the beginning of the month, Aylin Atilla provided a webinar titled, “C-Sections: The good, the bad, the puppies!” Aylin received several positive comments for her webinar:



“Very interesting, informative and beneficial presentation for all of us listening, must listen again…”

“Thank you, another excellent webinar!”

“Perfect webinar – very practical – exactly what I like – more like this please!!!”



This webinar was described as a “must see webinar” by ‘The Stethoscope’ blog which also summarises some of the key information from the webinar.

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The following week, Alison Ridyard presented a webinar on acute pancreatitis and also received fabulous feedback in the post-webinar survey with one attendee providing this comment:


“I have watch many webinars but this was the best. Fantastic structure, paced right and pitched right. It made taking the information easy! Thank you so much”


Another attendee commented that the webinar contained a lot of information and there weren’t any lecture notes. I try my very best to obtain lecture notes from the speaker and make them available to you before the webinar. Some speakers decide not to provide written notes but Alison has and her notes are available to view on the website (the link is above the webinar recording).


The final webinar in the ‘Terrific Trio’ was presented by Pam Mosedale titled, “Running the Practice Dispensary”. Unfortunately, there were some technical difficulties during this webinar which we wholeheartedly apologise for. Attendees of the live webinar enjoyed the content of Pam’s webinar and two people provided the following comments:


“It was very interesting webinar for me as I think you are much better organised in making sure that the medication stay in good condition than here in US…”

“Extremely useful resource”




As you know, I love reading your comments on the post-webinar feedback surveys and on the Facebook group! Thank you very much for your contributions. If you haven’t joined the Facebook group yet and would like to, here is the link:





Soon we will have a new website! There is a lot of excitement in the office at the moment regarding the new website which will be launched this summer! I never thought I would be so excited about a website! It’s funny how life turns out!


Happy Terrific Trio webinar watching!