The Pocket Book of Tips for Practising Vets

JadeThe Pocket Book of Tips for Practising Vets is a book produced by vets for vets. Sharpen your skills with helpful tips and techniques which have been collected by the Veterinary Benevolent Fund (VBF) from vets all over the UK.

Alan Jeans, one of the authors, explains.” The tips are ideas and techniques that we all use every day in practice but are the kind of thing you only learn in the job. A range of vets from recent graduates through to veterinary teaching staff have checked the tips for suitability and, although many of the tips are aimed at new or recent graduates, vets of all ages and levels of experience will find plenty of useful advice.”

As we feel that those at the start of their veterinary career will benefit most from the book, all final year veterinary students will receive the tips free of charge as an e-book this summer in order to raise awareness of the support that is available to them from VBF once they graduate.  The paperback edition of the book is available in return for a donation of £10 and, thanks to kind help from Elanco with the publishing costs, 100% of these donations will go towards the excellent work that the VBF does.

VBF is a registered charity that has been supporting the veterinary profession for over a hundred years. As well as providingJade2 assistance for vets and their families in financial difficulty, the charity also provides a network of other services including 24/7 support by telephone and email through the Vet Helpline, professional help for mental health and addictive disorders through the Veterinary Surgeons’ Health Support Programme and signposting to other support via the Vetlife website.  The work of the charity is so important because for a variety of reasons it can be very hard for vets who are struggling to access support.

If you wish to support the VBF and at the same time gain some tricks of the trade, you can order the book on-line from the Vetlife website at

” This little gem of a book is a distillate of the ‘art’ of veterinary medicine written by those who daily use the science for the benefit of the animals under their care ”
Peter Jinman, veterinary practitioner and past BVA president.

” I defy anyone, however long qualified, to honestly say that they did not learn something worthwhile from this little treasure of a book”
Bradley Viner, Small animal practitioner, veterinary columnist.

If you have any tips that you’d like to suggest, please comment below on the post.

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