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A really excellent and enthusiastic speaker; I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot.....whether I would attempt any of his procedures or diagnoses without Mike leaning over my shoulder, that is a different matter altogether!

Platinum Webinar Attendee

09. Aug. 2017

Mike Willard has a wealth of experience and knowledge with a practical approach. Book him back for more lectures!

Platinum Webinar Attendee

09. Aug. 2017

That was an excellent webinar, however, joined rather late, as the time difference in the US, and will have to listen a few times, as it is a real little masterpiece, thank you.

Platinum Webinar Attendee

09. Aug. 2017

It was really rewarding to listen to an obvious expert in his field who had a pragmatic approach to what was achievable against what was practical. I'll try Cyclophosphamide and Piroxicam (and Frusemide) next time, but go a bit steady on both the Cyclophosphamide and especially the Piroxicam. Learnt lots.

Webinar Attendee

21. Jul. 2017

Thoroughly enjoyed my first webinar. Looking forward to more!

New Member

21. Jul. 2017

I'd like to thank you very much for the informative and interesting series. I enjoyed hearing from your dog too! and it's just as well there is only one way sound as my lot all responded (before they all went to sleep leaving the room reverberating to peaceful snores!).

Sleep Series Webinar Attendee

14. Jul. 2017

Excellent - Did not think it would be so functional and beneficial!

Webinar Attendee

07. Jul. 2017

I find videos, such as we had this evening, are excellent...they are informative in a way a thousand words cannot express, and they maintain your interest.

Webinar Attendee

05. Jun. 2017

I really enjoyed Natasha Wilks' webinar. It made me look so hard at myself, and for that, I am truly grateful. You guys really do take a holistic view of improving how we grow, how we learn, how we work, how we act, and how others see us. Your membership is worth its weight in gold. (or Platinum!)

Practice Management Webinar Attendee

05. Jun. 2017

Thank you so much to the team for providing such a diverse and interesting programme. Having been in the background of The Webinar Vet since 2010, it has been incredible to watch it grow.

Monthly Meditation Webinar Attendee

05. Jun. 2017

I really think these mindfulness sessions are helping so many people's lives!

Webinar Attendee

05. Jun. 2017

Excellent Topics providing a really interesting overview.

Webinar Attendee

02. Jun. 2017

I have watched many webinars but "Management of Acute Pancreatitis" was the best. Fantastic structure, paced right and pitched right. It made taking the the information easy! Thank you so much!

Webinar Attendee

26. May. 2017

The Webinar Vet is amazing! I really enjoy all the available free webinars. I wish my CPD allowance would allow or my boss would have a practice membership as I do believe it is one of the best CPD providers and if I had a membership you have trillions of webinars I would like to attend. Thank you for all the free CPD!

Feline Friends Webinar Attendee

25. May. 2017

As usual useful info gained from your webinars. As a part time nurse it is so important to have access to free CPD so thank you.


25. May. 2017

Please just keep doing what you're doing! It's greatly appreciated! Thank you

MSD Webinar Attendee

25. May. 2017

I get all your email updates and pick and choose the cpd i can manage, I like your website and great cpd, thanks!

‘Feline Friends’ Webinar Attendee

27. Apr. 2017

Great service, love the free webinars!

‘Feline Friends’ Webinar Attendee

27. Apr. 2017

Fantastic! Tonight I learned about things I didn't know that I didn't know!

‘Feline Friends’ Webinar Attendee

27. Apr. 2017

"Since having 2 kids, I've found it difficult to find time to get out to courses, so The Webinar Vet has been my lifeline. It has been fantastic"

Rachael, Vet Partners

06. Apr. 2017

  I have a membership for The Webinar Vet provided by my company and this is so far the best and most convenient way for me to have access to CPD hours and in the same time keep up to the date with important topics and news for our industry. The accessibility is absolutely incredible and I love the fact that all the webinars are saved in the archive so even if I cannot attend them live, I can come back to the topics that I am interested in anytime I like. Currently I am enjoying listening to a webinar in my lunch break which is quite handy - we all know that multitasking is key in our profession. Thank you, Anthony, for providing us with this amazing platform, I wish you all the best in the upcoming year!

Melina Mihaylova, Best Friends Group

05. Apr. 2017

It is reassuring to know that others experience the stresses we feel too & that there is a technique to alter how we react to these.

Mindfulness 2017

03. Apr. 2017

The Mindfulness series came at the perfect time for me, as I had been struggling with stress at work and home for too long. I cannot believe the difference the course has made to all aspects of my life. I have been recommending it to everyone in my practice. Thank you so much.

Melanie Tyler, Mindfulness 2017

03. Apr. 2017

I Wish I had started it when I first started work as a vet in 1984, as have spent years in a state of anxiety due to the stresses of the work, ridiculously long hours in the past and permanent state of high adrenalin for many years due to the nature of our work. This helps enormously alongside changes in the number of hours I work in the last few years. It would be helpful to vet graduates to learn about this at vet school!

Sue Dorey, Mindfulness 2017

03. Apr. 2017

Brilliant speaker. Would definitely love to continue and do more programs. Breathing techniques have helped my everyday life. Thank you.

Sarah Thomas, Mindfulness 2017

03. Apr. 2017

A brilliant course with a brilliant speaker who had a voice that was so easy to listen to. Practical and relevant and potentially life changing. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Jane Byford, Mindfulness 2017

03. Apr. 2017

I was sceptical about trying Mindfulness, but gave it a try and found it very helpful. Thank you!

Claire Shortose, Mindfulness 2017

03. Apr. 2017

The Webinar Vet has revolutionised my CPD! There is a fab archive of cool topics that you can dip in and out of whenever you like as a platinum member. Living on the Isle of Mull meant it was impossible for me to do CPD before it was made available to take online, so this has really changed my CPD for the better!

Helen MacKay, Mull and Iona Vets

16. Mar. 2017

Thank you for this service - it has completely changed my attitude to CPD!

Practice Management

15. Mar. 2017

Brilliant as Promised!

Practice Management

15. Mar. 2017

"As usual the programme was diverse and well thought out. The speakers were informative and their presentations both informative and relevant. The notes, where provided, were great to have. Of course the Virtual Congress is very convenient and is a great way to compress a wide variety of knowledge into a comfortable lecture theatre - my home! The organisers are to be congratulated on another excellent production! Thank you!"

13. Feb. 2017

"I watched more lectures than if I had gone to baca congress. Not fatigued at the end of the day. Could walk my dog, cook tea and wash up whilst watching the lectures!! Plus had a break and did a 'park run' So you miss out on socialising with other vets but not sure that's a bad thing!"

13. Feb. 2017

"Thank you, this is my first experience of such an event. I have just had a particularly draining week at work and thought I would be too tired to really benefit this weekend but to be able to partake in the relaxed home environment has been great. All very motivating and uplifting - I will definitely be a starter for next year. And our New Zealand summer has put on a wet weekend so excellent indoor activity - timing could not have been better."

13. Feb. 2017

For me Webinars are the best and easiest way for continuing education nowadays. Especially The Webinar vet with the broad field of speakers is ideal for an general practitioner to keep up to date in the different areas of veterinary medicine. The specialists share their experiences evidence based but in a very practical way. So you get good tips and hints to use in your daily routine. I joined the Webinar vet a few year ago and they still find new interesting topics. Many thanks to the team and keep it up!

Manfred Peraus, Lörrach

31. Jan. 2017

I have sought out the stand to come and say a personal thank you to the webinar vet. I am always treated as an individual and Anthony has been so kind in his mental health initiatives and the way he treats his customers. I cannot speak highly enough of this company and their lovely obliging staff.

London Vet Show

01. Dec. 2016

I find the webinar vet perfect for fitting around a busy work and life schedule. With long hours, the flexibility and ease of access takes the stress out of CPD and makes the learning experience enjoyable. The broad range of topics from clinical to more focused on career issues, means there is always something appealing to watch or listen to. The thought of fulfilling the CPD used to tell me with dread but is now so much more manageable. - Rebecca Hearn

Rebecca Hearn

01. Dec. 2016

Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed the Mindfulness webinar course. I have got a huge amount of benefit from it. I also wanted to thank you for offering it at such a reasonable price, it was excellent value for money.   I would be very interested in doing a follow-up course if Mike ever considers running one.   Could you tell me how long the webinar recordings will be available for please as I would like to go back and listen to them again a few times.  

Mindfulness Series

12. Jul. 2016

At the start of the course I was skeptical about how it would help me. Although knowing that I could meditate in the past I had no idea how to go about it and what to focus on. Each session has enabled my understanding to grow. I have found the meditations relaxing and interesting. The approach to being mindful has been a great help. I have realised that I have been rushing through life too busy to breathe and not taking time to appreciate things. On the occasional times I have spent with my family i.e going for a day out, my mind has wandered to all the things I have to do when I return. I have not been living in the moment and enjoying these times. Since I started the course I have been taking a lot more notice of what I am doing, seeing etc and now when I do have time out I concentrate on that time and do not allow myself to think ahead. As a result I get more benefit from these times and feel in a happier frame of mind. Dealing with the stress of the job, especially as we are only half staffed and having to work extra days and hours, is more of a challenge. A lot of the time I am running on empty, worn out which doesn’t help me get through work in the allocated time slots. However, I have noticed that negative emotions and thoughts are not with me for as long. I need to practice more meditations, BOLD and RAIN techniques to help me further and which I am looking forward to. The course has been a great help to me, enjoyable, relaxing and enlightening. I am delighted I have experienced the mindfulness series and wish I had been able to do it years ago. Better late than never !  I would recommend it to everyone. Here’s to the new and happier me! Mike is an inspiration! With many grateful thanks,  Lisa

12. Jul. 2016

Thanks for running the Mindfulness Series. It has been so accessible being on-line and addresses the fact that our work is stressful! I think that I can learn and use some of the meditations and  blend them with my own Christian faith- wasn't quite so keen on the Buddhist slant, but realise that we, in the West, have neglected meditation and quietness and have a lot to learn. Have only recently heard that we are human beings, not human-doings!   I have had to catch the lectures up  as work late on Tuesdays , but will go back over them. When I look at what the vet profession is doing to address the stress within, this on-line route is so much more accessible than the current location for the BSAVA MindMatters course which would involve a minimum of 3 hrs driving to my nearest centre.   Thanks for all you do.  

Mindfulness Series

12. Jul. 2016

It's time to be in the moment! How many times have you ruminated over a clinical decision or worried about the rather large (breed and BCS!) bitch spay that's booked in on tomorrow's ops list? For me personally, too many times to count. This week I attended the first of Mike Scanlan's sessions on mindfulness and decided that it's time for me to live in the moment. Mike discussed that being mindful and living in the moment can enhance your wellbeing and reduce stress by helping to apply "psychological flexibility," if practised on a regular basis. In my experience, whatever your role is within practice, no one can fully escape the pressures and stresses associated with practice, and life in general. Mike, who is a Nurse Consultant for Primary Care Mental Health, described that mindfulness is similar to gardening. You must prepare the soil, sow the seeds and maintain nourishment. Although the fruit doesn't appear overnight, it can be enjoyed for years to come. Next we were asked to evaluate our life balance by comparing the importance of some aspects of our lives, and comparing the amount of time we dedicate to these areas. The mismatches were certainly an eye opener, but this exercise served as a good starting point for setting goals in terms of being more mindful. During the session we practised two meditations; finger swirls and the body scan. I found it easier to focus during the finger swirls whereas during the body scan my mind was wondering towards my to-do list. Perhaps this indicates that I need more practise. Mike informed the webinar attendees that mindfulness and judgmental thoughts are not a fruitful combination in the mindfulness garden (did you see what I did there?!) So I will keep practising without passing judgement. I'm looking forward to forming a new habit that could help me to be more content so now I'm off to mindfully eat my lunch instead of inhaling it!

Stacey: Mindfulness Series

03. May. 2016

Webinars are a really a great idea, especially in my case (mom of young children, so taking a few days to go to seminars is nearly impossible!), and I know I'm not the only one!

Adeline Vinrech, France

25. Jan. 2016

During the last few years I have been using these excellent professional webinars, participating real time or in my free time. I should say The Webinar Vet is really a great help for all practitioners who intend to be informed regularly by the most updates information regarding the diagnosis and the treatment of the various pathology in domestics and even exotic animals. So I really recommend these webinars to all my colleagues and would like to thank the very professional organisers of these fantastic veterinary webinars.

Dr Izadi Majid, Romania

22. Jan. 2016

I joined the congress from start until finish and it was a really great experience. It is fantastic to be able to attend a seminar, with the best speakers, without leaving my main duty in the clinic.  

Denni Kurnia, Indonesia

21. Jan. 2016

The Webinar Vet is superb! It am delighted because it has kept me in touch with the veterinary profession during my retirement.

Geoffrey Kershaw

21. Jul. 2015

I am so grateful for your fantastic webinars! It feels so good to be able to get some update in veterinary medicine. I work with horses far out in the districts in Norway and have a low income, so I cannot afford all that traveling to get to courses.

Ellen Lillegård

17. Jul. 2015

CPD last week in The Radisson Blu was amazing, nice food in a relaxed atmosphere with great speakers (Anthony Chadwick)-  I really enjoyed it!

Alfredo Puertas Lopez

06. Jul. 2015

I am not really a birdy sort of person, but very much enjoyed this informative webinar. Mr Cooper is delightful! Again many thanks for making learning so interesting in a very accessible form!

Josephine Arsenal

02. Jun. 2015

Anthony Chadwick is a genius coming up with the idea of The Webinar Vet! It used to be such a chore keeping up to date with my CPD but now it is so easy. The Webinar Vet is a fantastic service, there is a great variety of topics covered due to the enormous amount of effort put into producing the webinars.  H

Josephine Burnfield, Vet nurse- Hawksdown veterinary centre

22. May. 2015

Really convenient way to keep up to date with CPD, especially while on maternity leave. It's also a bonus having the option to access the webinars on mobile phones and ipads!

Rachel Gordon, Vet – Moorviewvets

29. Apr. 2015

Fantastic quality and a very useful CPD tool!

Paul Martynski- Vet, Rossdales & Partners

29. Apr. 2015

Nice to know you can do your CPD at home and even at work in between quiet periods. Easy!

Cathryn Jennings- Holme Veterinary Centre

29. Apr. 2015

The Webinar Vet is a great way of keeping CPD up to date and extremely useful for someone like me who is semi-retired.

Timothy Miles- Vet, Cedars Veterinary Centre

29. Apr. 2015

Spring Feline series is great and Virtual Congress is also brilliant I purchase it every year. There is so much content available I am still catching up with Vitual Congress 2014 series! The Webinar Vet works well for me and I will continue to use it.

Colin Hodgins- Vet, Terrington vet centre

29. Apr. 2015

The Webinar Vet is fantastic, it's modern, up to date and a tried and tested way to get your CPD. I find it really useful having the option to watch the recordings back so I can write notes along the way and refer back to them. Hypercalcaemia is not really one of my main interests but it was brilliant watching the webinar and putting it into a clinical context and I realised how many potential cases there are and should be on my list of differentials.

Jen Hipwell- Vet, VTM

29. Apr. 2015

What an excellent service you provide!Always telling colleagues what a brilliant idea your webinars are..........Again, many thanks for making them so easy to view and the webinars so interesting and well informed.

Josephine Burnfield

27. Apr. 2015

The Webinar Vet is a godsend living on a little island were there are no local meetings to attend. It is really useful and a great way keeping up to date with my CPD.

Louise Faulkner

21. Apr. 2015

So easy to use, excellent topics! Definitely the way to not only increase knowledge but to clock up CPD hours from the comfort of your sofa at home!

Julie Eastham, Cromwell Veternary Group, Nursing owner

14. Apr. 2015

The Webinar Vet has been very useful for me as a part time vet nurse and full time mum with two children. Its great and the free webinars are amazing!  

Jo Scott

14. Apr. 2015

Love it! I was starting to tire of travelling after work to achieve my CPD so The Webinar Vet couldn't of come at a better time. Also, really enjoyed the virtual congress back in January and will be attending the one in 2016 too.

Roseanne Sharp

08. Apr. 2015

Love The Webinar Vet, sing its praises to everyone! ! Really enjoy attending the live webinars but often I do not have time, so it is handy having access to the recordings too. While on maternity leave, it was particularly useful because I could achieve all of my CPD from home. Love it!

Anne Apsley

01. Apr. 2015

Brilliant, highly recommend the Webinar Vet to anyone! I am a general practitioner, so the varied content provided by the webinar vet suits me perfectly. The service is fantastic and the quality of the webinars is also brilliant. Having access to the audio recordings is really useful for downloading onto your ipod and listening in your own time, wherever you may be! Its amazing how much easier it has become to achieve your CPD, no more exhausting days traveling.

Michael Kingsbury

31. Mar. 2015

The Webinar Vet content is fantastic! As a non native English speaker it is very useful having access to the recordings, it enables me to re-listen to the lectures and pick up on parts I may have missed during the live sessions. The Webinar Vet makes CPD accessible for everyone, providing free content which is also impressive.

Tomasz Lewin

30. Mar. 2015

Really useful! The Webinar Vet has made achieving my CPD feel like a routine rather than a chore. There is so much accessible and interesting content to choose from and the quality of the webinars are great. I have made notes along the way and refer back to them daily at work. I achieve all my CPD through the webinar vet, it's brilliant!

Catherine Williams

30. Mar. 2015

I have found the Webinar Vet really handy. its a great way to acheive your CPD in your free time!

Sandie James

26. Mar. 2015

Excellent service, very reasonable and provides a range of interesting content. I am very happy with the consistent content provided and will stick with the Webinar Vet!

Dane Atkin

25. Mar. 2015

I really enjoy the webinar vet and think the webinars are excellent!!

Maria Rodriguez. Spain

24. Mar. 2015

Having attended, I found the content extremely informative with many interesting queries raised, which I felt were answered well by Kathy and Gordon - well done. This webinar has certainly helped me to clarify my role as a VN.

Debbie Green VN

09. Mar. 2015

I'm on maternity leave so its really convenient viewing the webinars from the comfort of your own home. As a veterinery nurse I have found valuable infomation, even from the webinars which appear to be more suited to vets, so dont be put off by the titles!

Danielle Connor

26. Feb. 2015

I attended the Webinar Vet Virtual Conference this year and thought it was fantastic. The webinar by David Williams was particually brilliant!

David Stevens

26. Feb. 2015

Revelation! Previously struggled to get my CPD hours, the webinar vet has given me the the flexibility to achieve my CPD in my own home.

Chris Sherwood

26. Feb. 2015

Really appreciate what the Webinar Vet has to offer, living in the North East Scotland it is very difficult to get to conferences. With the Webinar Vet I am able to access the webinars in my own time, in the comfort of my own home. There is a fabulous selection of webinars, different to what others provide. The Virtual Congress is great, the speakers are all very interesting.

Katrin Lewis

25. Feb. 2015

Great user friendly site - The Webinar Vet is very personal and I felt comfortable watching the webinars in my own home!

Catherine Marshall-East

20. Feb. 2015

Great website. Absoloutely love the webinars, only suggestion would be to do more and more! Thank you

Serena Werle

04. Feb. 2015

'I really appreciate what Anthony offers at the webinar vet. I attended the virtual congress and absolutely loved the concept, it was wonderful to be able to watch webinars from all over the world!'

Alison Webb

04. Feb. 2015

'I really appreciate being able to play back recordings of live webinars. It is very useful to be able to pause the webinars to make notes or answer calls, all in the comfort of my own home.'

Ruth Caroll

04. Feb. 2015

Firstly I would like to thank you all for making quality, affordable CPD so readily accessible. I tried alternative online CPD providers a few years ago, but was disappointed, not so with the Webinar Vet!!! Thank you for all your hard work.

Hamish Imlach

10. Jul. 2013

Working part time with two small demanding children; an equally demanding husband; a variety of waifs and stray pets and a crumbling old house to restore time is always of the essence. As the years have gone by I have become increasingly eager to learn and love doing CPD ( initially i have to confess i felt it was a bit of a chore ) At one of the practices i work for the principal told me she had signed me up to become a "Webinar Vet". I was slow to start but have a new laptop and now Antony Chadwick has become part of our family life. My husband has complained on occasion that he even comes to bed with us ! If i am at home alone doing chores in one room intead of turning on the radio or TV i watch Webinars. They are great as you can pause them if you are interupted and rewatch them as many times as you like to jott down snippets of useful information. I find them very user friendly and all in the comfort of my own home. I have found myself learning about subjects that i would never otherwise have considered signing up for, paying for and having to travel to. In the past i would attend the odd lecture and feel that it was a waste of a valuable evening but not the case here as you can just turn it off ! Althought thankfully that has only occured once..... and i shant tell you which one ! My husband who is in the property buisness has commented on what a fabulous resource it is and feels his industry would gratefully benefit from the equivelent. Thankyou Mr Chadwick and keep the webinars flowing!

Rachel Brown, Premier Vets

14. Jun. 2013

I really appreciate the webinar CPD offered by your company and particularly the range of free webinars on offer. I am working my through ones for which I have registered on recording, so please do not take my lack of attendance at the live events as being a lack of interest - it is just that the live events are very often at times I am unable to participate. I must say, I also enjoy taking my time over the recordings, pausing them, taking notes and rewinding if there is a point I am unclear on, so I really get the most out of them. Many thanks for your excellent work!

Jacqueline Marshall BVetMed MRCVS MRQA, Dechra Laboratory Services

31. May. 2013

I write to extend my sincere appreciation to the organizing team for giving me the opportunity to not only learn but also expand my scope of knowledge through the webinar program. My sincere thanks also to Rachel for her peculiar, wise and informative presentation on Monday. I can't wait to attend her next presentation today. I also forward to attend to more of your future webinars. Keep it up and cheers.  

Momanyi Kelvin Nyariaro, Kenya

19. Apr. 2013

Such a broad range of interesting topics available at a time to suit busy professionals. I particularly enjoyed learning more about topics not directly related to my day to day job, however, very useful to broaden my knowledge.

Linda Day

19. Apr. 2013

Without The Webinar Vet I would not be able to fulfil my CPD requirement. The free webinars are invaluable. They are always interesting and cover such relevant subjects. Well done and keep up the good work!

Dawn Evans, RVN, Special Friends, Redditch

19. Apr. 2013

The Webinar Vet is an invaluable source of CPD. The webinars are always high quality and by being a Platinum member I watch many lectures on subjects I would not normally choose but have been very useful and informative giving me a broader knowledge.

Bryony Herrod-Taylor

19. Apr. 2013

The Webinar Vet has helped me expand my knowledge in my own time. I find the recordings allow me to retain the information better as I can go back over parts I might not have understood and allows me to challenge myself.

Lizzie Walker, RVN

19. Apr. 2013

Before The Webinar Vet it was not easy to do CPD but now it is so easy to sign up and do CPD online and even do recorded webinars if you have missed them live. Excellent stuff and wonderful staff!

Kenneth Hall, Companion Care, Linwood

19. Apr. 2013

I joined The Webinar Vet at the end of January 2013 and I have done 14 hours of CPD already in 3 months! I work as a locum and have found this a very economical and effective way of learning.

Jade Statt

19. Apr. 2013

The Virtual Congress was a great day. 6 hours of good quality CPD live – able to relax, sit at home with a cup of coffee and learn at the same time. Plus able to revisit bits you can’t remember!  


19. Apr. 2013

I am finding the range of topics covered by you really useful and interesting, both clinical and non. I work in a small rural practice where I don't find much time to travel for conventional cpd but have odd times in the day/week when I can attend a web-based session. Useful ideas from website design to dentistry so far! Many thanks! Iain

Iain, Newlands Veterinary Group Ltd

15. Jan. 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR and a big thank you to everyone at The Webinar Vet. Without you I would have difficulty meeting my CPD requirement due to lack of time & lack of funds. However your great webinars are always very interesting & informative and I am able to very easily do far more than the basic 15 hours a year. Also it isn't a chore as there is always something of great interest to follow. I recommend The Webinar Vet to my colleagues, past & present! Jill

Jill Mitchinson, Hopwood Veterinary Centre

08. Jan. 2013

I find the webinars superb with respect to both content and value for money. It also means you can keep up to date with all aspects of vet medicine and surgery, whereas with a lot of the day courses (which my cpd allowance will not cover) the topic is generally very specific and although informative, two days of external cpd is more than my allowance affords and I don't get the same breadth of knowledge as I currently do. Debbie

Debbie Glasse, Lucas Vets

19. Oct. 2012

I’d like to say a big THANK YOU for my The Webinar Vet membership whilst I’ve been trying to return from a career break. Access to such a lot of convenient, high quality, CPD has made all the difference to me and enabled me to successfully return from a 7 year long career break (I’ve done nearly 200hrs CPD in the last 18months!). After all that hard work I’ve just landed a lovely part-time (2 days a week) job at a big, supportive practice and I started work last week. So I am writing to say thank you very much for your great webinars!

Ellen Harmer MA VetMB MRCVS

02. Oct. 2012

I'm finding your free webinars extremely helpful, especially as I find it extremely difficult to get to any CPD at various venues. Thank you for including me in your list of users of this wonderful site. Yours Vivien

Vivien Swift, Balanced Being Practice, Yorks

01. Oct. 2012

I have only just manged to watch the ferret webinar. I just wanted to say that I found it to be extremely useful. I was very glad to have it on a recording to jot down some of all that information passed on with clarity and enthusiasm by John Chitty. I rarely see ferrets and found this webinar greatly increased my knowledge and confidence for the next time one gets booked in. Many thanks!

Victoria Williams-Mc Daid BVM&S; GPCert(SAM); MRCVS

26. Sep. 2012

Just wanted to say thank you for the webinars. I am currently working in Qatar and it really is an ideal way for me to keep regularly updated for my CPD. We don't have too much of an opportunity to catch up with CPD here unless incorporating into travel back home to Scotland etc! It takes the pressure off learning also, I am enjoying keeping updated earning a few hours CPD and not worrying about the next time I need to travel to a conference to get the CPD hours clocked up! I particularly enjoyed the ferret webinar and being able to tune in later after work commitments. I don't see any ferrets here but used to in practice in UK and it great to brush up and refresh the memory!

Nicola Wilson, Qatar Veterinary Centre

14. Sep. 2012

Just to let you know as a member of The Webinar Vet I have found the quality and quantity of the CPD you are providing excellent. As I don´t work full time as a clinical vet anymore I was sceptical about parting with my money but it has been worth every penny just wish I had more time to make use of it!

Emma Fisher, BVetMed MRCVS

30. Aug. 2012

The Webinarvet has allowed me to easily meet CPD requirements but more than that it has given an interesting insight into areas I probably wouldn't have booked a CPD course! It's great to see how the Webinar has grown, what a great idea!!

Jim Bramley, Preston & Bramley

20. Jul. 2012

This is what makes The Webinar Vet stand out from the crowd. The breadth of applicable CPD is brilliant!

Jaimin Patel, Barnfield Vets

16. Jul. 2012

I find webinars are an excellent way of keeping up to date with CPD as a busy Vet and Mum. I really enjoy the selection and use my CPD budget to cover costs - so very cost effective for me. Don;t have time to do weekend CPD anymore.  Combine CPD with doing the ironing!!!

Andrea Rhodes

08. May. 2012

Great resource for learning new things and revising things I thought I knew! Authoritative speakers that I can watch whenever I have time.

Nigel Davies, Kent

08. May. 2012

Just wanted to say that  these were particularly excellent webinars. Sarah is a brilliant speaker and gave us alot of useful tips on how to support our patients with kidney disease. Thankyou to Novartis for their sponsorship and also to The Webinar Vet for facilitating everything, enabling us veterinary professionals to be able to update ourselves from the comfort of our own living room, where ever that may be in the world. Best wishes Jean

Jean English

09. Mar. 2012

Really clear information. Good speaker. Took away lots of info!

Janet Dell, Bracewell Veterinary Centre

27. Feb. 2012

Love the site - great way to get CPD boxed off (especially this time of year - mixed practice so busy lambing). Would be great to see more farm animal stuff online too. Actually working as a locum at the moment, so don't have a CPD budget paid for by work - one reason that webinars are convenient. Cheer Ian

Ian Wright

24. Feb. 2012

Thank you for the personal development webinars in the autumn, it made me realise that I have neglected myself while striving to the best I can for my patients and that I'm not going to be able to help them if I'm not looking after myself! I have joined a gym after a 3 year break from regular exercise. I have set goals for 2012, one of which is a charity team challenge 100 miles coast to coast across Exmoor which I am really excited about but wouldn't have dreamed of doing last year. I am sure the business will do well this year too as a result of me being more relaxed about life and having things other than work to focus on, clients have commented that I look slimmer (which is great) but also happier which is the important thing. So a really big THANK YOU to you and Wendy for the great work you are doing, without wanting to sound too cliche, you have helped me change my life for the better and I am very grateful. Looking forward to more excellent webinars in 2012.

Amanda Nicholls MRCVS

21. Feb. 2012

Thanks a lot for a most interesting lecture/demo. I am very interested in alternative medicine and so this approach was very enlightening!! How refreshing, more please! Kindest Regards                             Michael

Michael, Locum Vet

13. Feb. 2012

I wanted to write and tell you how fascinating the webinar was on Tuesday. The speaker was clearly knowledgable and interesting to listen too. It triggered a whirlwind of introspection. Thank you!

Deborah Komianos BVM&S, GPCert(B&PS), MRCVS

09. Feb. 2012

I very much enjoyed the webinar on "What makes a good vet".  I found the differences between what clients and vets perceive as being important attributes the most interesting.  I think it will help in my studies to become a practice manager.

Lisa Coulborn

24. Jan. 2012

I enjoyed the Webinar, which provided food for thought, and made me examine my consults today from a slightly different slant.

Alan Jones, AJVS Surgery

24. Jan. 2012

I would like to thank you for the many No Charge Webinars that I have enjoyed and benefitted from.    I am semi retired so CPD is still part of my way of life.  Sadly cost is ever more constraining so the sponsored events are very welcome.


24. Jan. 2012

Thank you so much for another fascinating webinar,  I learnt a lot! Dr. Cannon is a wonderful speaker, the information on feline diabetes was very current and I was sorry to see it end.


24. Jan. 2012

Just to say great talk last night and a few eyebrow raising moments too!  The boss coulndt make it so I will be full of news when I see him later. Thanks again I am really enjoying the Webinars and will certainly pass your site onto a few of my colleagues who specialise in behaviour as this is such an important topic for all in practice to know about. Thanks again

Bev Truss DipCABPT

04. Oct. 2011

I had to miss last night's webinar due to an unexpected meeting, so I was really pleased to be able to catch up on it tonight. Some really useful tips. The Virbac and Hills webinars have been really relevant. Thanks for all you are doing with the Webinar Vet- it really has made CPD easy again!

Nicky Shaw

04. Oct. 2011

Just a short note to say how impressed I was with last night's cardiology webinar. I really enjoyed Rachel's talk Thank-you Catheryn

Catheryn Hancock, Carmarthen Veterinary Centre and Hospital,

04. Oct. 2011

Hello Wendy Thank you for supplying the web address to listen to the on-line lecture on rabbits sponsored by supreme pet foods. It allows me to listen at a more convenient time (not 10 -11pm) rather than your lunchtime. I have found the lectures very helpful and thank Molly for her time. Regards, Barbara Henderson BVSc

Barbara Henderson BVSc, Greencross Vets Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

04. Oct. 2011

Hi Anthony First thanks for what was a really useful webinar on feline renal disease last night. I thought it was very well laid out and executed and was very useful. Many thanks again

Jonathan Newman

31. Aug. 2011

Hi Anthony, Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoy the recent webinars I've attended, it is such a convenient way to do CPD. I do locum work and with 2 small children to juggle, I find it very difficult to take time off to attend day CPD courses. Best wishes,

Sarah Kitwood, MRCVS

31. Aug. 2011

Hi Many thanks for your excellent webinars.  Loved the anaesthetic one, what a terrific speaker. Thank you for organising that - very useful for our student nurses even though we have learnt that the RCVS have pulled the capnograph requirement from the NPL! I am having to watch the webinars at times other than when live due to other commitments but that's the beauty of the system.

Anna Judson

31. Aug. 2011

Hi Anthony How are you? I'm very impressed with your website and I've really enjoyed the webinars I've attended recently. It's a great way to do CPD when juggling with busy family life.

Clare Smith, West Yorkshire

31. Aug. 2011

Just an e-mail to say a HUGE thank you to you & to Royal Canin for the fantastic urinary series. I have attended quite a few of your great webinars but must say I found this trilogy really good as they were all individual topics, but tied together really well & the ribbon on it was the tidy end of the food available to help treat what we had learned.

Bruce Stevenson, South Africa

31. Aug. 2011

really good talk learnt lots and will help in management of future cases. really like being able to watch again

Karen Jones, Park Issa Veterinary Hospital, Owestry

31. Aug. 2011

I am unbelievably grateful for the opportunity to participate in the live webinars - they have solved a big problem for me as I am a sole practitioner in rural Wiltshire and i can't go far away because of being on-call 24/7.  It also relieves the feeling of professional isolation a little bit! Yes, I did get to the radiography seminar and it has already increased my confidence and given me practical hints for chest x-rays. A similar session on abdomens would be great. I have nothing but positive comments! I particularly enjoyed Danielle's feline liver disease webinar - and to have a downloadable summary, (which I understand is available though I haven't got round to finding it yet!) with drugs and doses is a definite plus.  If you do speak to her, tell her she is great.  She came over as the vet we all should aspire to be, at the end of our professional lives as well the start. Finally, I can't imagine how you manage to organise all this as well as the day job.  Therefore, if there is anything I can do to help please let me know. Best wishes

Penny Gillespie Cheldene Vets, Marlborough

31. Aug. 2011

Thanks for your message, thoughts and greetings! Recent 'flu has curtailed any recent webinars regretfully, but I have thoroughly enjoyed those I attended in real-time! Thank you also for the great deal involving the Hill's sponsored 2011 webinar series, for which I've now already registered. All your hard and enthusiastic work is greatly appreciated and valued.

Robert Elliot, Robert Elliott Veterinary Surgery, Oxfordshire

31. Aug. 2011

Did enjoy the radiography talk by Professor Herrtage, as I have the others. Radiographs showed up well - better to view than when seen at meetings projected onto screens. I like the idea of radiograph readings, even if it brings back distant traumatic memories of such sessions at College! I am finding the webinars an excellent way of getting CPD - so much more efficient than going to meetings and the refreshments are better, even if I have to pour them myself. To be honest got a bit fed up of driving to and from meetings after work and only just about managed my CPD requirements. With the webinars I have attended more CPD than for years. Thanks for your work,

Graham Roberts RSPCA Bradford

31. Aug. 2011

The first lunch and learn I watched the lecture on the prep room computer, this is generally empty at lunch time so although it might sound mad trying to watch a lecture in one of the busiest areas of the practice it seemed to work! The only thing I might change for the next lecture is to bring speakers with me so we can make it a team lunch and learn, I had to sit with my headphones in so no one else could join me. Technical glitches aside I did enjoy listening to the lecture while I tucked into my soup! I feel that the lecture was very informative and I have taken away a lot of useful information, which I hope can be used with the next rabbit case that we may see. Many thanks for putting on the last lecture and I'm much looking forward to the next one

Zoe Morton, A+G Vets in Bonnybridge

03. Jun. 2011

Hi, just though I would let you know that I found your webinar very useful and liked the style it was presented in. Although it seems a little odd not to be able to see the speaker or the audience, I find this way of getting live interactive CPD very handy -- I have young children, so childcare isn’t an issue with this kind of CPD. I look forward to hearing of future events and shall also inform my colleagues of these so we can all benefit.

Lara Mayhew, Bracewell Veterinary Centre

28. Mar. 2011

Thank you for webinar on feline diabetes. I found the session very informative and i got some new ideas to improve my approach to felines.I would highly recommend webinar sessions as a learning source.

George Sinanan, Ark Veterinary Centre, Liverpool

28. Mar. 2011

Really enjoy the webinars, especially the feline ones, as that's my thing. Martha Cannon is a great speaker and looking forward to the feline series.

Sally Stockton, Stanley House Vets, Skipton

28. Mar. 2011

I am thoroughly enjoying your Webinars and think that this is a tremendous idea. No desire to cancel at all.

Chris Bishop, Isabelle Vets, Guernsey

28. Mar. 2011

Really enjoyed the webinar, subject matter was very relevant to general practice and well presented. Such a convenient and easy way to do CPD.


28. Mar. 2011

Dear Anthony, Once again thank you for the webinar. It was my first webinar and I was amazed by the good sound and technical quality of the presentation. It must have been difficult for you to give this lecture without the feedback of the audience! I also enjoyed the content of the presentation. It was practical and comprehensive. Of course I was also pleased that you mentioned Artuvetrin. I know that we have had the discussion before about the Heska test and the Artuvetrin Serum Test. I am sure I have told you that they are of equal quality but that we believe that we have better looking results (see attachment) and the fact that we can supply the same allergens (raw materials) in our skin tests, serum test as well as in our therapies (no other company can supply this service!). I am not sure though if I already showed you the recent article comparing the Heska test and our serum test. This study shows that they are comparable but it also shows the inter- and intralaboratory concordance of our test (something Heska has not shown yet...). This underlines the quality and reproducibility of the Artuvetrin Serum Test. I have attached the study which you might appreciate. I am not sure if I am on your mailing list but if not please put me on it. Please keep me also informed about future webinars and if I may do a suggestion; maybe a webinar about atopic dermatitis, the diagnosis but also treatment option (like fine tuning the allergen specific treatment on the individual patient) could be an interesting option (which is probably no surprise since I am biased...). Best wishes and I hope I will see you at the BSAVA.


28. Mar. 2011

Hi Anthony, Just wanted to say thanks for a very interesting webinar! Really well presented & good information & photos too! Would definitely ‘attend’ more! Thanks again!

Carol Cottrell, RVN Head Nurse —

28. Mar. 2011

Hi Anthony, Good to hear from you again, seems like ages since I last saw you. Getting old up here! Don't get out and about as much as I did, can always find something better to do than follow the vet things! Still do my CPD though! So found the webinar interesting & useful revision, also very convenient. The novelty of nights in hotels wears off eventually & it’s nice to sit at the computer with a cup of tea (glass of wine more like it) and keep up to date with a few things. I for one will be happy to pay for webinars & I think they will go down well. I think we manage to work up our cases reasonably well in the practice, like you say you just need to give the cases a little time. Hope this finds you well & look forward to bumping into you again some time.

John Stitt, Alexander Veterinary Centre

28. Mar. 2011

Just a note of feedback following last night’s webinar, which was my first. I had seen the emails on the practice inbox and not given the webinars much consideration until my colleague, Ann Mee, recommended them. I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s presentation. Martha was succinct, relevant and honest, so refreshing! A large number of vets have families so they allow us to get home after evening surgery, see the children then settle down for some CPD in the comfort of our own homes with a cup of tea ( or something stronger!) in hand! Webinars are definitely the way forward, especially with the vast majority of veterinary graduates being female and the increasing importance that we are giving the whole work life balance thing. Thanks for this innovative approach to veterinary CPD. It complements the online CPD provision beautifully!

Helen Watson

24. Mar. 2011

Hi Anthony, That was a great webinar on Thursday and I am changing my vaccination protocol on the back of what Martha said. I am really enjoying the webinars, I had not attended any prior to your series in May and June and they couldn’t have come at a better time for me having just opened my own practice finding time and cover to get away to cpd would be very difficult. The webinars allow me to keep up to date and fulfil my RCVS requirements from the comfort of my lounge -- it is such a brilliant idea and I look forward to attending many more! Thank you so much.


24. Mar. 2011

Dear Anthony, Firstly I wanted to say that I really enjoyed the Feline Infectious Disease webinar that you ran last week. I have never done anything like this before, and was a little concerned that my internet (broadband dongle) would not be satisfactory, but it worked fine. I know that after the event you offered a 50% reduction on the cost of signing up for the series. I wondered if this was still available, because I would be very interested in signing up for the rest of the series starting this Thursday. Thank you again.

Ian Ross

24. Mar. 2011


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Jeremy Johnson

26. Jan. 2012


26. Jan. 2012

Anthony Chadwick

26. Jan. 2012