Owning a great veterinary practice can be tough.

 Are you a practice owner or manager and you employ, or are planning to employ, a young veterinary graduate seeking a career in practice?

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that far too many veterinary practices are struggling with a drop in client numbers, shrinking profits and veterinary earnings reported to be lower than the income of seven other professional groups. All this at a time when there are more vet schools, more graduates, more competition, more regulation, increasing graduate debt, more stress and inadequate veterinary salaries.
Many of those graduates who have embarked on a career in practice in the last few years are however, feeling frustrated, angry and concerned about their future. They planned to be successful clinicians, caring for animals, looking after clients, enjoying a comfortable work/lifestyle balance and earning a good salary. But too many report that they receive little or no support from the practice, they’re worried about communicating with clients who don’t always accept their advice, they think they’re working too long and too hard and their income is nowhere near what they think they are worth.

But if the job isn’t working out well for the graduates, the situation is even worse for their employer – maybe you – and potentially a disaster for your business

I may have the solution you’re looking for

If you’re seriously committed to a successful career in practice pursuing professional excellence with clients queuing up to seek and follow your advice, supportive colleagues, a smiling boss and a salary soon worth twice as much as you might have expected – all without compromising their professional standards and values, spend a couple of hours over the next few days, viewing and learning from the other four videos in this series under the general title –How to be a Veterinary Practice Superhero.

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