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Philip has a business career which has spanned 30 years and a broad range of sectors. Whatever the business sector his focus has always been people, identifying the barriers to personal growth and development and how this impacts on organisational aspirations and ambition.
Whilst Philip’s experience extends to international businesses, his passion lies with owner managed businesses; often referred to as the backbone of the British economy.  A recent article written by Philip and published in the International Business and Economics Review (IBER) focused on the complex nature of marketing and how it (marketing) is often misunderstood within small businesses.
Philip is Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Central Lancashire and Honorary Teaching Fellow at Lancaster University Management School, and is a regular presenter on the topic of wellbeing,
Philip also combines physical and mental wellbeing as a critical part of the growth process; having seen too many negative examples of the impact of running your own business – excessive stress; lack of time – his emphasis is on taking care of the best assets you will ever own – your brain and your body! In response to an overwhelming need, Philip recently launched Healthy Leaders – focusing on wellbeing to increase productivity and performance.
Philip is a Black Belt in Karate and a former British Karate Champion; making physical wellbeing a lifestyle choice, he still competes internationally in the sport of indoor rowing achieving runner up in the British Championships in 2014, and is currently preparing for the World Championships in 2019.
Favourite quote:
We are what we repeatedly do; then excellence is not an act but a habit’

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"The Webinar Vet has been very useful for me as a part time vet nurse and full-time mum with two children. It’s great and the webinars are amazing!"

Jo Scott Nurse

Webinars are a really a great idea, especially in my case (mom of young children, so taking a few days to go to seminars is nearly impossible!), and I know I'm not the only one!

Adeline Vinrech Vet, France

"Since having 2 kids, I've found it difficult to find time to get out to courses, so The Webinar Vet has been my lifeline. It has been fantastic"

Rachael Vet, Vet Partners