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Henry L' Eplattenier

Dr.med.vet., PhD, Dipl ECVS

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Henry L’Eplattenier was born and grew up in Neuchâtel, in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. He studied at Bern University, then worked for the pharmaceutical company Ciba-Geigy in Basle (now a part of Novartis) as a doctoral student in the Toxicology Department, where he completed a Swiss doctorate on nephrotoxicity testing of drugs using cell cultures. Henry worked in large animal practice for one year in the beautiful and rural Jura mountains just south of Basle, before joining the Small Animal Hospital at Zurich University. He spent four years there and completed a residency in Small Animal Surgery. He became an ECVS diplomate in 1998, then emigrated from Switzerland and moved to Oslo, Norway to live with his partner. After learning Norwegian, he joined the Norwegian Veterinary College as an assistant professor in Small Animal Surgery. Then in 2001, Henry was offered a position as a soft tissue surgeon at Utrecht University. He spent the next 5 years until 2006 as a lecturer in Utrecht, where he was mainly responsible for the urology consultations and operations. Henry then left university for private practice and since 2006 he has been working as a consultant surgeon and head of Surgery at VRCC Veterinary Referrals in Laindon, Essex, UK. In 2008 he was also made a director of the clinic. In 2009, Henry obtained his PhD from Utrecht University for the research on prostate cancer in dogs that he conducted while he was a lecturer there. In 2016 when VRCC Veterinary Referrals joined the Linnaeus group and became Southfields Veterinary Specialists, he became Clinical Director.

ECVS functions held: Henry has been a member of the ECVS exam committee, which he chaired in 2004. In 2011 Henry was elected as Regent of the Board, a function he filled until July 2014. In 2015, Henry was chosen as President-Elect and in 2016 he became President of ECVS.

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