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Esmaeil is Adjunct Associate Professor (Bioinformatics & Biostatistics) at School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences of The University of Adelaide, Bioinformatician at La Trobe Genomics Research Platform (La Trobe University), and Honorary Principal Fellow at School of BioSciences of The University of Melbourne. He has a strong track record in the innovative application of a range of bioinformatic pipelines and modern statistics (machine learning models) in different genomes. Esmaeil has published 144 papers, 84 of these in the last 5 years in internationally well-known journals.

As affiliate member (2016-onwards) in Australian Centre for Antimicrobial Resistance Ecology (ACARE) at The University of Adelaide, he has been involved in data analysis of many microbiome projects on the effects of new antibiotic compounds, probiotics and microbiome profiling, such as: (1) Microbiome profiling in rabbits following different doses of oral pradofloxacin treatment, (2) Abundance analysis of Oxalate-degrading bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract of koalas with oxalate nephrosis, (3) Oral microbiome profiling in health and periodontal disease of captive macropods, (4) Microbiome profiling of captive animals such as herbivorous chelonids and tamarins, (5) Analysis the effect of oral anthelminitic treatment on the canine microbiome, (6) Unravelling microbiome profile that contributes to Marmoset Wasting Syndrome, and (7) Microbiome based classification of antibiotics and antimicrobial alternatives and developing an expert system for prediction of the effective antimicrobials based on microbiome profile by novel machine learning (artificial intelligence) models.

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