Social Media – ‘Word of Mouth on Steroids

Presenters – Steven and Corinna Essa, webinar and social media specialists and educators

The Webinar Vet has embraced ‘social media’ and there is little doubt this has contributed to the success of the business in a highly competitive market. So it made sense for ‘The Webinar Vet’ to run a veterinary webinar covering the use social media to maximise business for your practice. Steven and Corinna Essa, both experts in the field of social media, led this webinar to great effect demonstrating a number of ways which social media should and could be utilised.

Corinna explained that there are three steps needed to get the most out of social media. The first is creating and customising your profiles. The worst case scenario at this particular stage is opening an account which has no or very little information and continues to look completely faceless. The key here is to upload a picture which relays in a snapshot what you are about. This could be a picture of you or one of your vets holding an animal backgrounded by the brand or logo of your veterinary surgery.

The second step is to pull information and build relationships. According to Corinna the key here is not to use social media as a direct marketing tool. It should not be used as an on line catalogue for your products or a selling tool for your website. The best approach is to join conversations and contributions which draw people in and helps build relationships.

Checking trending topics can be an effective way of directing your posts to maximise the number of viewers and build relationships. For example a recent trending topic has been the tragic death of Robin Williams. This clearly bears no relationship to veterinary practice but Corinna and Steven explained any comments you have to make about this trending topic helps to show your human side, key to building those important relationships. Of course if a topic is directly related to your area of business then even better. Hashtags are also an excellent way to brand your post. For example by using the hashtags #rescue#dogs in your post, any person searching for these hashtags will be directed to your post. Corinna advised checking out which tells you the most relevant hashtags to use for your specific topic.

The third step after drawing people in is to capture contact details including names and email addresses. Corinna gave examples on how to achieve this including the use of twitter cards and Twitter cards can be used as opt in boxes which collect people’s names and email addresses in exchange for something being given away such as an educational webinar or consultation. is a site which allows you to set up similar opt in boxes within Facebook.

Corinna and Steven gave an inspiring veterinary webinar promoting the benefits of social media and the concepts discussed in this blog were covered in much greater depth including really useful demonstrations. The potential benefits associated with social media are clear and as part of Social Media WorldWide, Corinna and Steven also offer their services to manage social media accounts for businesses and for many practices with little time on their hands or perhaps those who aren’t that tech savvy, this could be a really interesting option. Further details about the services offered by Social Media Worldwide are discussed at the end of this veterinary webinar.

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