Worming products for Cats & Dogs – A review of whats out there

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Andrea Tarr
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Andrea Tarr will discuss Worming products for Cats & Dogs – A review of whats out there . Cats and dogs are susceptible to infection with internal parasites (worms). These can cause discomfort and disease in the animal, they may interfere with the human-animal bond and some can be transmitted to, and cause disease, in humans. Control of internal parasites is therefore crucial to maintaining healthy pets and for protecting public health. Worming products play a key role in controlling internal parasites. However, the large range of products makes this a very confusing area for pet owners and veterinary professionals alike. The webinar will cover: • common worms affecting cats and dogs in the UK • factors that determine the need for worming treatments • active ingredients in worming products and what worms they cover • differences between over-the-counter and prescription worming products • where to get more information about managing parasites and worming products Andrea Tarr is a pharmacist. She started her career in the NHS, where she specialised in medicines information and she have worked in the pharmaceutical industry (in technical information and sales roles). For over 20 years, she worked as a writer and editor on a highly respected independent medical publication, providing independent information on medicines to doctors. She specialise in making sense of evidence on medicines, integrating it with practical information. I am Founder and Director of Veterinary Prescriber, an online source of independent information on veterinary medicines.


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