Tried that ! Didn’t work!! Implementing and sustaining change in your practice.

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Lee Robinson
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Practice Management



Practice improvement systems such as suggestion boxes ‘brain storming’ sessions always seem to fail because they are not sustainable and do not engage the team members to participate. If you have tried to implement improvement systems in your practice only to find that the program works for a short weeks then fizzles out, leaving you and the team demotivated and less efficient than they were before….“Tried that! Didn’t work!! “

The problem with most systems is that most of the ideas come from the busiest person in the practice – the practice owner or manager – and left to them to implement the change, which of course they rarely have time to do. We need a system that effectively empowers the team to capture these ideas, to act on them and free up practice owner or manager time.

In this webinar Lee will show how this works in practice and how you how you can implement a sustainable improvement program that will save you a great deal of money, remove business waste, engage and motivate your team and make the continuous improvement stick.

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