Top tips and tricks for tackling problem behaviour in cats

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Many owners assume that the vet’s role regarding their pets’ health is to treat illness and trauma and provide some preventive care, such as vaccination, flea control and worming medication. The veterinary team however is so much more and should be the first point of contact for any concerned owner, irrespective of the nature of the problem. Any unacceptable or troubling behaviour should be viewed as seriously as any physical sign of illness and the vet consulted as soon as possible. There will also be instances where the behaviour of concern to the owner has purely emotional origins and is related to chronic stress or other issues regarding the individual’s social or physical environment. These cases may well be best served by a referral to a suitably qualified clinical animal behaviourist but there will always be ways that the veterinary team can provide good basic “first-aid” advice that will do no harm and may at the very least improve the situation or, in some instances, resolve it.


This webinar will look at the most common behavioural problems seen in cats, house soiling and inter-cat conflict, and provide practical tips and advice that can be given to clients. It focuses on the over-arching theme of ensuring that the cats’ environmental needs are met at home.


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