The paradigm shift in laminitis – new theories and treatment protocols

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James Prutton
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Equine, Virtual Congress 2019

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A plethora of new research exists on the pathogenesis and possible treatment modalities for laminitis and it can be difficult to glean the most useful information out of each piece of research.  Recent hyperinsulinaemia models have allowed researchers to investigate a more ‘natural’ pathogenesis rather than the black walnut or sepsis/SIRS models that had previously been used as models.

A fundamental rethink is required to ensure we continue to progress.  With the hyperinsulinaemia model it is evident that there is very little neutrophil or even leucocyte infiltration into the lamellae tissue and therefore we should consider altering the term laminitis to laminopathy in the vast majority of cases (not including Sepsis and SIRS cases).  We should be thinking of laminopathy as a syndrome rather than a disease entity in itself and a reflection of other disease processes.  Although this does not lead to a dramatic change in the first aid treatment of these cases it does alter our ability to reduce the incidence of laminitis occurring.

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James Prutton


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