Running successful rabbit clinics

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Jo Hinde
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Seeing rabbits in practice can be challenging but also very rewarding. Nurses are perfectly placed to run good quality clinics to ensure that owners are well informed about correct rabbit care. This presentation will look at which types of clinics are suitable for rabbits and how best to structure these. This will include different approaches such as combining multi modal and telemedicine options with the more traditional ‘in house’ visits. It will also discuss the benefits of pre purchase and pre operation appointments.

Correct husbandry is vital to owning a healthy rabbit so the importance of diet and housing will be explored along with the types of problems that can occur when these guidelines are not followed.

Nose to tail checks will be discussed, providing a systematic approach to completing a health check, how to assess a rabbit’s body condition score and the common conditions that you may see.

Finally, preventative healthcare will be covered as prevention is always better than cure! This will also include up to date information about the RVHD2 risks and vaccination options.

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Jo Hinde


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