Reptile Medicine 101: A case based approach to common problems

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Sean McCormack
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Reptile Medicine 101: A case based approach to common problems by Sean McCormack. In this webinar, we will review several real life cases of reptiles presented to a vet clinic. We will systematically review the species biology, case history, captive husbandry and nutritional factors that contributed to each issue as well as outline the diagnostic plan and subsequent treatment. Challenges in client communication and education for each case will be explored and discussed, as well as a wider discussion on the ethics of keeping certain reptile species in captivity. The aim of this webinar is to equip the first opinion clinician with the ability to recognise the common and not so common pet reptile species and comment with authority on their appropriate captive care. Practical tips on prognostic indicators, diagnostic techniques and successful treatment will also be given including detailed information on medical treatments, pharmacology, analgesia, anaesthesia and surgical techniques. A broad range of common problems will be covered throughout the case studies ranging from abscesses, metabolic bone disease, follicular stasis, egg binding, tortoise shell injuries and post hibernation anorexia, respiratory disease in snakes, prolapses and a few unusual cases like a rather delicate cardiac surgery on a venomous snake! Following this webinar, clinicians should be confident enough to tackle and treat many common presenting complaints in reptiles successfully. The speaker is happy to discuss any difficult cases you’ve had in the Q&A session following the presentation.

Sean qualified from University College Dublin Vet School after first studying an undergraduate degree in Animal Science at the University of Essex. He started his veterinary career working in a domestic, exotics and zoo practice in Kent followed by several years working in London, where he set up a dedicated exotic pets service in his next two practices. Having studied Animal Science in Essex before his Veterinary degree, he has a broad base of knowledge in zoology, anatomy and physiology of a wide range of animal species. During vet school he completed Zoo Medicine elective modules with placement at Dublin Zoo and over the years has kept and bred a huge variety of reptiles, amphibians and other exotic pets. He has lectured for vets and veterinary nurses on the topic of exotic pets in online webinars, on the College of Animal Welfare vet nurse CPD programme, and for vet students at the RVC Zoological Society and Nottingham Vet School Exotics Symposium.

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