Rabbits and Rodents: advice on diet, housing and preventive care

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Molly Varga
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SQP Webinars



Molly Varga will discuss rabbits and rodents – advice on diet, housing and preventive care. Molly graduated from theRoyalVeterinaryCollegein 1992. After graduation she spent the next 4 years working in small animal and exotic medicine in Canada.These varied experiences included working in multicentre urban practice inTorontoand a small exotics practice in ruralOntario. Her case load included a lot of native wildlife such as racoons, skunks and red-tailed hawks. After returning to theUKin 1996 she has worked in bothLondonand theNorth West. Molly gained her Certificate in Zoological Medicine in 2001 and her Diploma in Zoological Medicine (Mammalian) in 2007. She currently runs a first opinion and referral exotics service in a practice inEast Cheshire.


This webinar is worth 8 AMTRA points.

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Molly Varga


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