QOL, what does it mean and how is it measured?

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Jessica Pierce
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Arguably, the QOL assessment could be and should be one of the most important elements of caring for ill or aged animals nearing the end of life. At its best, a QOL assessment would provide a relatively objective measure of how an animal patient is feeling, and how illness, age-related changes, and treatment protocols are affecting the life-experience and well-being of the animal patient, from the patient’s own point of view. The purpose of such an assessment would be to fine tune pain protocols, look for improvements to an animal’s physical environment, reduce sources of stress and fear where possible, and identify and fill gaps in meeting an animal’s emotional and social needs. Clinicians recommending the use of such tools need to understand their function and limitations. The purpose of this webinar will be to explore the current state of the art in QOL assessments, explore their potential to improve care, and offer some cautionary advice on how QOL can sometimes complicate or impede decision-making

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Jessica Pierce


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