Puppies, poop and protein: supporting your clients with nutrition advice for the best start in life.

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Sean McCormack
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Small Animal
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In this webinar, we will explore the problems and pitfalls surrounding puppy nutrition and digestive health. Puppyhood is a challenging time in terms of digestive health with worm burdens, waning of maternal antibodies, vaccination and the stress of a new home all contributing to biological stress and immune challenge. Top tips for getting puppies through the post-weaning period will be given, including what to do when things go wrong. The importance of quality nutrition in this early period will also be discussed, including delving into whether the marketing claims, super food ingredients and current trends in pet food stand up to scientific scrutiny. The suitability of raw and home cooked diets for puppies will also be questioned and debated. We will evaluate the role of early nutrition in developmental disorders, including skeletal and joint health. Getting large and giant breeds on to the correct plane of nutrition and controlled growth until they reach maturity is crucial for long term health, so practical advice and tools to help will be shared. The role of all vet professionals in giving the right, helpful advice and bonding new puppy owners to your practice cannot be underestimated. By joining us on this webinar, you’ll feel far more equipped to answer those tricky questions around puppy nutrition best practice, dispel many of the myths and misconceptions that abound online and set your clients up for success with a happy, healthy pup for life.

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