Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Plans: How veterinary nurses can implement them in practice

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Veterinary physiotherapy is an evidence based profession which aims to optimise a patient’s recovery post injury or surgery. Veterinary physiotherapy is being more commonly recognised by veterinary surgeons, and thus is more commonly implemented in practice to enhance surgical outcomes. Veterinary physiotherapists tailor rehabilitation plans to each case following assessment, designing specific prescriptive exercises and manual therapies to enhance the patient’s recovery and performance. Veterinary nurses often play a vital role in carrying out aspects of the rehabilitation plan in practice, under veterinary direction, and are also often involved with demonstrating aspects of the plan to owners, or assisting veterinary physiotherapists with treatments. Rehabilitation plans aim to provide the patient and owner with a step- by- step process to recovery and maintenance. They include short term goals, such as reducing pain and improving weight bearing of a limb, and long term goals, such as improving range of motion, muscle mass and gait pattern. Each of these goals can be assessed either subjectively, or objectively, examples of which will be included. This webinar will cover the principles of Veterinary Physiotherapy and its uses in practice. Each aspect of the exercise and rehabilitation plan will be discussed including passive range of motion exercises, manual techniques and active prescriptive exercise. Following this, common orthopaedic and neurological case studies will be presented along with example rehabilitation plans for each case.

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