Online Opportunities, Real-world Risks

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David Harris
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SQP Webinars



Increasingly the public is moving to the online sphere to source animal medicines – attracted by the convenience and the cost savings which low-overhead businesses can pass on. As a result, many offline retailers are opening webshops of various kinds. However, this poses a number of issues for SQPs working in this sphere. In this Webinar, we will look at how online retailing works and is regulated, and the legal restrictions on advertising, supplying, prescribing and shipping. We will then look at how we can balance the customer’s desire for a seamless “retail” experience with the requirements in the Code of Practice, in particular how we can obtain the information we need in a “screen to screen” interaction rather than the “face to face” that SQPs are trained to work within. Finally, we’ll take a look at some case studies that exemplify some of the difficulties, but also the opportunities available to retailers who approach online supply responsibly.

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David Harris


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