New monitoring options in canine endocrinology

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Ian Ramsey
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Speaker of the Month - July 2020, Small Animal



Most dogs with endocrine disease are diagnosed once, but monitored many times. Considerable effort has been taken over the years to refine our diagnostic techniques and assays. However less attention has been paid to the methods of monitoring these conditions. The importance of obtaining a accurate clinical history when monitoring cannot be over-emphasised and some methods of improving this process will be discussed. In addition this lecture will highlight two recent developments, haemoglobin A1c and pre-trilostane cortisol, in assisting the monitoring of diabetes mellitus and hyperadrenocorticism respectively.


Five learning objectives

At the end of this webinar delegates can expect to know more about:-

  1. The need for monitoring endocrine conditions over the longer term
  2. The primary importance of assessing animal’s history and current clinical condition using directed questions before looking at any test results
  3. The limitations of current laboratory testing for monitoring diabetes mellitus and hyperadrenocorticism
  4. The development of haemoglobin A1c monitoring in the treatment of canine diabetes mellitus and its current use and interpretation
  5. The development of pre-Vetoryl cortisol monitoring in the treatment of canine hyperadrenocorticism and its current use and interpretation.

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Ian Ramsey


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