Igniting the Flame – getting the best from your team

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Michelle Lingard
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Practice Management
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Mwi Animal Health, Simplyhealth Professionals

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Have you ever had these thoughts or asked these questions?

  • I wish others in my team would just “get it?”
  • It’s just easier to do it myself…
  • I tell them over and over but it only lasts a week and they forget….
  • We have meetings but only a few seem interested and there is so little time for me to implement all these changes…
  • Why can’t they just get on with each other?


Most of us in business (either business owners or those working in a team) have had these thoughts….In this webinar Michelle will run through a few really practical, easy to use ways to make the initial changes, rekindle the passion and fun and create a plan to change your team forever!

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Michelle Lingard


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