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If you’re a newly qualified vet looking for your first job, an experienced vet looking for a new role, or a practice manager/head vet looking to recruit, consider using LinkedIn for recruitment to give you the best return for your time and resource investment.

Job hunting? Stand out from the Crowd: Ever wondered where the recruitment agencies look for potential candidates for their veterinary vacancies? LinkedIn is the FIRST place all recruitment agencies look to find the ideal people for any vacancies that they are trying to fill. Ensure you grab their attention (and those of practice owners/managers) by having a well optimised LinkedIn profile that shows all of the reasons why YOU’RE THE best person for a particular vacant position. Once your profile is optimised, and shows you in your best light, it’s time to get active, and show your expertise and knowledge. Joining LinkedIn groups and interacting in discussion, and publishing posts on LinkedIn is a great way of raising your profile. You can even publish your own content directly on LinkedIn, which means if you connect to decision makers, they’ll see your updates.
Connect to key influencers in your sector/area or connect directly to decision makers in the practices where you’d love to work. It’s so much easier than picking up the phone (as you might not ever get through to the person you want to speak to) and unless you’ve got their email details, it’s not easy to get your CV in front of the right people. When you connect to those who you’d like to work with, they will see all of your career experience, and your profile (which is an electronic form of your CV), helping them to understand straight away what your interests and expertise is.

Recruiting? Finding the right people to join your team can be a challenge and costly experience! Recruitment agencies charge so much, and placing ads in trade press and in local papers doesn’t always get you the responses that you’d like. Discover how to head hunt your ideal candidates through LinkedIn, and how to connect with them. Learn how your company page and profile can give away information that could put off potential candidates. It’s not enough that you have a vacancy; candidates want to know what the benefits of working at your practice are, who they will be working with, and the areas that you cover.
This LinkedIn for recruitment webinar will cover the main points on getting discovered if you’re seeking your next role, and how to headhunt or advertise your vacancies if you’re recruiting.

Caroline Thomas is known as a social media educator, thought leader and entrepreneur. Caroline has a talent for identifying what’s unique about a person’s individual brand, business and products/services and helps individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses package and promote that uniqueness to stand out against their competitors. Feel inspired and re-energised about your business or future prospects connect with Caroline today!

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