Herd & Flock Health Planning for SQPs

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James Russell
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SQP Webinars



James Russel will discuss Herd & Flock Health Planning for SQPs. We hope that this will get you 8 AMTRA points, but this is subject to AMTRA accreditation. This webinar will look at what unique opportunities an SQP can bring to a farm when discussing their health needs. From ensuring a sensible reminder policy, setting in place adequate sampling points to linking vet, nutritionist, health care paraprofessionals and purchasers, SQPs have a crucial role to play in ensuring the welfare and productivity of livestock. Through an interactive format based around the farming calendar, attendees at this webinar should expect to further their understanding of the role of the active SQP in farm management. James is a director of a busy mixed practice in rural Derbyshire. He is one of two farm directors of the practice and strives to deliver proactive health advice to his clients. James leads the Derbyshire BVD control group, and is a member of the Derbyshire TB group. He sits as the regional representative for the East Midlands at BVA Council and in his spare time, enjoys his three daughters, 8 chickens and several thousand bees!


This webinar is worth 8 AMTRA points.

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