Game changers in canine arthritis management

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Hannah Capon
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Arthritis has been traditionally treated in a two dimensional manner, NSAIDs and supplements. In this lecture Hannah will explore other interventions that can dramatically improve clinical signs, slow disease progression and bond your clients to your service and your practice Importance of attending this lecture 24.5% of Labradors will be euthanased due to musculoskeletal disease, the biggest contributor being arthritis. A disease that debilitates the bearer over a long period of time through chronic somatic and neuropathic pain, muscular and soft tissue dysfunction and neurological deficits.

Arthritis is a hugely underestimated disease that is leading to long term welfare concerns and premature loss of dogs globally.

Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) is a veterinary driven initiative, set up by vet Hannah Capon. Overwhelmed by the number of dogs with terminal arthritis brought in for euthanasia, she realised that owners were slow to recognise signs of pain, had little understanding of available treatment options, and were unaware that their suddenly “off their legs” dog has been in considerable pain for a long period of time.

Hannah Capon, who titles herself “just a vet”, has worked as a first opinion/ emergency/ locum vet in countless practices around the UK for the last 17 years. Her passion to improve awareness and management of canine arthritis has led to her and her team of volunteer professionals creating an amazing online resource and community for veterinary professionals and owners to learn and share side by side. CAM believes that through education of all involved in canine health and welfare we can challenge the misunderstanding that “just slowing down” and “just getting old” isn’t an inevitable, but may be chronic pain that can be treated effectively, enabling the dog and owner to have a longer more comfortable life together.

#yourdogmoreyears All CAM resources can be accessed vis their website www.caninearthritis.co.uk

Please use the hashtags #yourdogmoreyears and #camarthritis to find them on Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

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