Conditions of Neonatal Lambs

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Large numbers of lambs die each year in the UK and represent a serious economic loss to the sheep industry. Identifying when and why the main losses are occurring is key but in the midst of lambing recording and investigation of problems can be difficult. Conditions of neonatal lambs can lead to death, disease outbreaks, ill thrift and poor welfare. Ewe nutrition, management at lambing, environmental factors and genetics can all influence the type and incidence of problems seen. This webinar aims to cover the most common conditions of neonatal lambs and will consider predisposing factors so that preventative measures can be put in place to reduce issues in the future.

Heather Stevenson graduated from Glasgow Veterinary School in 1993 and worked in mixed practice in Ayrshire, New Zealand and Cumbria before joining SAC Veterinary Services, (now a division of SRUC), as a VIO in 2005. She was awarded the Diploma in Sheep Health and Production in 2011.


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