Communicating with customers- Asking the right questions

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Nicola Ackerman
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SQP Webinars



Communicating with Customers – Asking the Right Questions? As a SQP we need to communicate with customers in order to make a good recommendation for the health and welfare of the animal. Asking engaging questions can make a difference in how you come across to the customer. Sensible, professional questions can show that you are listening to the answers that the customer has given previously. As an SQP we can only prescribe medications knowing certain facts (number of animals, weight, and health status) and that the owner is competent in the correct administration of the medications. Communication is the most vital aspect for SQP work, and dialogue must be open and frequent. Methods of communication can be in many forms, and the forms used must be suitable for what is being conveyed, but it must be remembered that listening is the most important form of communication.


This webinar is worth 8 AMTRA points.

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Nicola Ackerman


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