Capnography – understanding the benefits

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Matthew Gurney
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Capnography is one of the most valuable monitoring modalities available to us. In this webinar Matt will explain the value of capnography and how you can instantly apply the benefits to your anaesthesia practice. This webinar will cover the basics of capnography, giving you an understanding of the process of CO2 production and its measurement right through to an explanation of the wave forms seen. Through case examples you will appreciate how you can use capnography as an everyday tool.


Learning objectives

  1. Identify & describe normal capnograms
  2. Understand troubleshooting the capnograph
  3. Recognise waveforms associated with specific problems
  4. Explain how capnography integrates with other monitoring modalities
  5. Demonstrate the benefits of capnography to your colleagues

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Matthew Gurney


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