Anaesthesia for Geriatrics

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Louise O'Dwyer
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It is estimated that around 30% of the veterinary population are now geriatric, and the reality is that many of these animals are likely to require anaesthesia at some point as geriatric patients for procedures such as dental care or surgery. The ageing process results in a progressive and irreversible reduction in the functional reserves of major organ systems, meaning these patients are likely to have altered responses to stress, such as surgery, anaesthesia or even hospitalisation so the physiological changes will be discussed during this webinar. The drugs we administer as part of anaesthesia protocols are likely to have altered effects as patients age, meaning they often have decreased requirements for drugs, as reductions in cardiac output and renal and hepatic changes, so we will look at organ system changes and how we can modify our anaesthesia protocol for these patients.

Learning objectives

· Understand the major organ system changes that can occur in geriatric patients

· Understand the components of an anaesthesia plan for geriatric patients

· Understand the options in anaesthetic agents and why we may select specific agents and avoid others

· Gain confidence in how to optimise recovery for geriatrics.

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