All you need to know about Bearded Dragons

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Sean McCormack
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This webinar aims to equip vets and vet nurses alike with all they need to know about one of the UK’s most popular pet reptile species, the Bearded Dragon. From natural history, captive husbandry and the importance of correct nutrition, through to more advanced clinical conditions, anaesthesia and surgical considerations, we will cover all you need to know to advise on and treat these popular pets. Reptiles are unique in their anatomy and physiology compared with our more common mammalian patients, and can be daunting if you’re unfamiliar with them. Starting with basic biology, we will explore the common husbandry and nutrition mistakes that can lead to clinical disease. Then we will focus on practical diagnosis, history taking and treatment options for the most common clinical presentations.  


Learning objectives:


  1. Learn how to give expert husbandry and nutrition advice to keep Bearded Dragons successfully
  2. Know how to take an expert history and perform a comprehensive clinical exam on Bearded Dragons in clinic
  3. Learn how the most common clinical conditions present and how best to diagnose and treat them 
  4. Gain practical tips in anaesthesia, diagnostic and surgical techniques when treating Bearded Dragons
  5. Become more confident in providing veterinary care and advice to Bearded Dragon owners

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Sean McCormack


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