Shampoos and a Birthday Treat for Anthony

Presenter – Anthony Chadwick BVSc Cert VD, MRCVS, dermatology referral consultant in the north west and founder of ‘The Webinar Vet’.

Most people celebrate their birthday having a drink with their friends or being spoilt by their family but this was not the case for ‘The Webinar Vet’ founder, Anthony Chadwick. Instead Anthony celebrated his evening with members of ‘The Webinar Vet’ leading an interactive veterinary webinar covering the art of shampooing.

This was a slightly different approach to the webinars we have come to expect from The Webinar Vet. Anthony wanted to make this webinar as interactive as possible and invited other dermatologists to also partake and air their views and opinions. Audience polls were also high on the agenda with Anthony asking a number of questions throughout the evening.

Shampoos were the topic of the night and Anthony and his colleagues ran through a number of their components citing conditions and clinical signs that which each helps to alleviate. These include their function as antibacterial, antifungal,  anti-pruritic, and anti-scaling agents. The importance of the correct administration of these shampoos was also discussed with Anthony advising us to always ask the owner to perform a test wash on just a small affected area and assess the outcome over 24 hours.

Some dogs will have a contact irritation and certain shampoos will make them worse rather than better. We were also asked to ensure that the shampoo remained in contact with the affected area for at least five to ten minutes. As an example, some owners may stand their animal in a filled bath preventing the shampoo from being in contact with their paws for an appropriate time.

One of the main take home messages for me from the night was the act of trying to rationalise the range of shampoos we have on the shelf. My main problem with shampoos is choosing the right product for the job when we have so many to choose from. Anthony and his colleagues advised having just a small number of products which each serve a purpose, rather than have an array of shampoos which just confuse.

For example is there any point in having a product on the shelf which treats both malassezia and pyoderma and another product which treats just malassezia. Surely you would be better off sticking to just the one product which treats both conditions?

At the end of this veterinary webinar, Anthony wanted to know if this was a format that worked for the members of ‘The Webinar Vet’. In my experience, the more interaction there is in any form of CPD the more likely it is to stay with me and prove useful in day to day practice, and I wanted to thank Anthony for spending at least some of his birthday providing us with an interesting and informative webinar.

The Stethoscope (MRCVS)