Ralf and Jo were good but Victoria was even better

BSAVA starts today but yesterday there were lots of pre-congress meetings. I was at the BVDSG meeting. I’m on the committee of BVDSG and Ariane Neuber had arranged a cracking programme with Ralf Mueller, professor of dermatology at Munich University and Jo Blondeau, a very eminent microbiologist from Saskatoon in Canada

The topic was pyoderma with a really up to date look at the situation re methicillin resistant staphylococcus. This is still much more an American problem but it will surely become more of a problem here if action is not taken. A simple take home message is disinfect your hands and don’t wear any rings on your fingers including wedding ones. It is also worth cleaning your stethoscopes and keyboards more thoroughly. Ralf also talked about topical therapy, a topic I covered last week on my birthday webinar with David Bentley and Klaus Loft.

Jo spent the first lecture talking about how guidelines can encourage resistance! Guidelines are coming into the veterinary profession but are much more common in the human field which Jo also works in. He talked about azithromycin being included in guidelines. However, bacteria are much more likely to be resistant to this bug than clarithromycin in human respiratory infections. This was not clear in the guidelines where they were both given equal status.

So a great meeting but not nearly as good as meeting Victoria Pendleton face to face. There were lots of groupies there. Sarah from our committee even got her cycling shoes autographed! Tim Nuttall and Peter Forsythe sat next to her during the meal and were her chief mamils (middle aged men in lycra), although, you will be pleased to know that they were more suitably dressed. Victoria was there to celebrate atopica’s 10th birthday

I’m off to the exhibition today and will come back with more reports from BSAVA tomorrow.

I managed to get an extra copy of the proceedings so if there are any keen dermatologists leave a comment on the blog and I’ll make sure one person gets sent the proceedings

Have a great day and if you see me at BSAVA say hello!

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